Hannah Knox

Catherine Grossrieder
‘Aspiring to be Angel

Aysha Nagieva
A Birthday Party

Dannielle Hodson
The Triumph of Life

Jingyi Wang
Under the Blue Sky

Four You Gallery

Leily Mojdehi
No Fork Needed

Alonsa Guevara
The Calling

Four You Gallery
In the Eye of the Beholder

My Kinda Vacation

Dannielle Hodson
Another Kind of Life

Nomaza Nongqunga Coupez x Four You Gallery
Phenomenology of a Black Woman

Uzo Njoku
Alone, Together and Beyond

So Young Kim
Things Like Image, Image Like Things

Artistellar X Four You Gallery
It’s All Relative

Lena Brazin
Coincidental Encounters

Sally Kindberg
Queen Aubergine

Dynamisk X Four You Gallery

Xu Yang
Pandora’s Candy Box

Heidi Ukkonen
Hide and Seek

Camilla Marie Dahl
Over The Hill

Ryoko Kaneta
Through The Seasons

Miki Matsuyama
Door To Door

Gemma Holzer
Alone Together

Lonesome Planet

Contemporary Fine Art Gallery

Contemporary art isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. You either love it or don’t understand it; there’s no in-between. In its simplest sense, contemporary art refers to the art of today, inspired by pop culture, sociopolitical trends, and emerging movements. It also typically tends to reflect complex issues and make bold statements.

Want to see some exciting and impactful new pieces of contemporary art? Our traveling art galleries welcome you and fellow art enthusiasts to witness fresh talent. We’ve created a platform for emerging female artists to showcase their talent and sell their artwork. We have several young, talented artists on board with their collection of contemporary art pieces that will leave you wanting more. Our art exhibitions also encourage dialogue and riveting conversations between the artists and the attendees.

In the mood for a night out at an art gallery? Call our team for more details and experience contemporary art like never before! You can also purchase the thoughtfully curated artwork and help empower emerging female artists in the country.