Bethany Hadfield

Bethany Hadfield (b. 1994) is an artist living and working in London. In 2016, she was awarded a BA (Hons) in Fine Art, Painting from Wimbledon College of Art, and more recently Hadfield graduated with an MA in Painting from the Royal College of Art (2022). In- between, and during her periods at university, the artist exhibited extensively in group shows in London, as well as in Japan. Hadfield has been nominated for awards including the Jonathan Harvey Studio Award (London).

Things don’t emerge all at once, and in the case of Bethany Hadfield’s paintings, some things don’t emerge at all. Instead, they are in a process far prior to emergence, her subjects often take no form yet present themselves as an immaterial reality. Each, existing as a sum of parts, only through entangled ‘intra-relating.’ Inspired by American physicist Karen Barad, who coined the term ‘intra-action,’ Hadfield describes her paintings as open-ended questions or possibilities, “dabbled with intuition in a networked, collaborative approach with the machine.”

“The paintings are not depictions of things, or even worlds, I am trying to grasp something considered ‘immaterial’ and show it as what it truly is, reality.” Hadfield’s painterly process begins formalities – size and surface. Then, using an open-source 3D modelling software she creates a sketch over which she feels little autonomy (particularly because much of her knowledge of the programme came via mangled YouTube clips), and more like she is a “vessel for the awkward voids that I’ve helped
to create.” Once the artist arrives at a “void” that resonates, “it meets the canvas.”

Prior to grasping comfort with the iwata brush gifted to Hadfield by a friend, the artist painted with oils. Since oil is not an option for airbrushing, Hadfield is finding ways in which the two process can work together; as acrylic holds a tendency towards flatness, and oil gives the surface depth. When using acrylic, she challenges herself to avoid such monotony and regularity of surface. “Ultimately the paintings are metaphysical, they attempt to hold the traces of the screen.”


Sara Lee

Sara Lee graduated from Sookmyung Women’s University and obtained a PhD in Fine Arts from Hongik University. Sara’s works are greatly recognized as a symbol of modern society. As such, she received the Dong-A Art Award, the New Frontier Award, and the Best New Artist Award in Asia.

Lee creates artificial and virtual images. The image and colour combinations is an optimized memory of her childhood transferred into today’s digital society. Digital technology has made everything possible in production, economy, and daily life without a direct connection between humans. The deeper this phenomenon becomes, the more our emotions will change. Sara Lee’s work adequately represents those sentiments.

Sara is creating her works with a knife-scratching technique that forms multiple layers of paint and textures into a three-dimensional painting that seems to be so perfect that someone would suppose that it can‘t be made by hand- but it greatly is. Her characters somehow become real in a futuristic way. Sara’s complex, laborious and sometimes painful way of creating her works paradoxically provides happiness and joy to the viewer.

Collections: National Museum of Contemporary Art (Art Bank), Space Mom Art Museum, Moran Art Museum, SeoHo Museum, Seoul Museum, Heart Heart Foundation, Laon Stay Hotel


Yoon Cheong

Cheong is drawing a reflection of her feelings as a child by painting those mimics and feelings as cute children of today. Yoon has been confronted with bullying as a child but was still full and bright of energy. So are the characters that she is drawing today.

Catching the world and characters in the picture that is often portraying bright children, warm nature, and animals. Cheong’s paintings are a fascinating world where cuteness and calmness coexist. It is the most natural way for Yoon to express herself in various ways and it also reveals the safety and comfort of modern society. The reflection of light is a metaphor for emotions. Yoon’s paintings bring harmony between the culture of the younger generation and the older generation.

« My work allows us to look back at the space and society we live in everyday life through imagination and humour »


Credit Unit London Gallery

Lindsey Jean McLean

Originally from Edinburgh, I currently live and work in London. I studied my BA in Painting and Printmaking at Glasgow School of Art (2009-13), where I found my love of DIY art shows and artist led spaces which I have been continuing to explore in London. I moved to London in 2013 to study on the Drawing Year at the Royal Drawing School. After graduating I stayed in London, lived on a canal boat and focused on making paintings as well as teaching. In 2019, I started my MFA with a full scholarship award in Painting at the Slade School of Fine Art.

I have in the last few years got involved with artist led spaces and exhibitions. In 2020, I opened and ran my own exhibiting space on a London narrow boat called ‘The Narrow Gallery’. This was in response to not being able to see work in person and the exhibition were on the outside of the boat for passers-by to see. It shows small scale work and over 15 artists from the UK and Europe.

Since graduating from the Slade in 2021 I have been exhibiting in London and internationally. This year I had a residency at Leveld Kunstnartun in Norway and last Year I had an artist residency at Cyprus Collage of Art. I also had my first solo Show in Demark at Galerie Wolfsen. I have also been organising and curating artist exhibitions. One was a group show ‘Snakes on a Picture Plane’ at the UK Mexican Art Society in Kings Cross, it consisted of multi-disciplinary artworks ranging from painting, sculpture and video.


Credit Sam Ssefa

Dannielle Hodson

Dannielle Hodson (born 1980, lives and works in London) was educated at Central St. Martins, London (BA Womenswear Fashion Design, MA Fine Art) and is a graduate of the Turps Banana studio painting programme. Her work has been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions at galleries and public institutions including: Dannielle Hodson: A Triumph of Life, Four You Gallery, Paris (2022); ‘Miniscule Venice’, satellite programme 58th Venice Biennale (2019, in association with Cross Lane Projects); ‘An Art School’, Tate Exchange at Tate Modern (2017), and the National Open Art Competition 2016, Mercer’s Hall, London, where she won the Roy Pace Award. She is a Trustee of the contemporary art charity Outside In.


Jingyi Wang

Jingyi Wang (Chinese, b. 1989) is a New York based visual artist specializes in oil painting. She received her BFA degree from China Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2013, received her MFA degree from New York Academy of Art in 2016.

Her works had been widely exhibited at Art Miami, Art New York, Sotheby’s New York, Enjoy-Art Museum, Gallery Poulsen, Four You Gallery, Lorin Gallery, Mucciaccia Gallery, Cohle Gallery, Gallery Func, Gallery Ascend, Another gallery, etc. Wang’s works and artistic achievements have been published on China Daily, The China Press, Sing Tao daily Newspaper, World Journal, Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art, Aesthetica Magazine, Create!Magazine, ArtMaze Mag, Planet China, Friend of the Artist, 100 Artists of the Future and many more. She was interviewed by New York Loungue, SinoVision. In addition, Wang was the recipient of the MOZAIK Future Art Awards 2022, and the Terra Foundation Residency Award in Giverny France 2015.


Leyla Pekmen

Leyla Pekmen is a contemporary artist living and working out of Istanbul. Born and raised in Turkey, Pekmen found her passion for painting at a young age, spending a majority of her time immersed within her neighbour’s art studio. She grew up fascinated by the different forms and shapes that take up art making, and explores the unique view offered by painting in her current practice. Pekmen is part of a local art studio where she developed her passion and interests in acrylic painting and whimsical ceramic sculptures. Her paintings are bold and bright, often utilizing colour blocking and pointillism to create framing and texture.

Most of Pekmen’s art center around the concept of combing the simple pleasure’s of life with that of whimsy and storytelling. Themes around nature, landscapes, and travel are dropped into a fantastical narrative, often exploring the ideas of memory and comfort. Since her first solo show in Istanbul in 2021 Pekmen participated in group shows and presented her latest works in a solo show in October 2022. Her paintings are included in international collections from around the globe.


So Young Kim

So Young Kim (b.1991 in Seoul, South Korea) is an artist based in Singapore and South Korea. She holds a BA (Hons) in Fine Art from Loughborough University, UK (2013) and is currently enrolled in the MA Painting programme at the Royal College of Art (2020-2022). Kim’s art education has been thorough across all disciplines. Initially when in Korea her practice was skill-driven, and the training formal. As she moved onto Singapore, and later the UK, she aimed to move away from this ordered approach. Kim did not want to depict anything that was recognisable and moved entirely into the realm of abstraction.

Kim has exhibited her work extensively since 2011 and it has been collected in both Singapore and Korea. The exhibition ‘Cabinet of Curiosity’ (Seoul, 2018) was of significant importance for Kim. It was there that she met a senior sculptor who had graduated from the Royal College of Art. Taking part in this exhibition provided Kim with the invaluable opportunity to spend time with other artists and critique work in the process of curation. Kim enrolled on her MA course and since her work has been exhibited internationally, the most recent exhibitions include (STARTArt Fair, Saatchi Gallery London, UK 2022), Her works are widely collected internationally mainly in Europe, the US, the UK, South Korea, South Africa, Lebanon, and Singapore.


Ji Won Cha

Ji Won Cha (b. South Korea) is an artist based in London. In 2020 she graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design with a BFA in Painting, and she is now enrolled on the MA programme at The Royal College of Art. Ji Won’s works have been exhibited extensively in Seoul, South Korea, Rhode Island, USA and elsewhere. Selected exhibitions include ‘Painting Triennial Exhibition,’ Woods-Gerry Gallery, RI, ‘Catch a Climpse,’ Gallery Float, Gyounggi do, Korea, and ‘RAW,’ Soho Revue, London. Ji Won Cha’s work is part of the Seoul Metropolitan Government collection, and the RISD Special Collection (Rhode Island School of Design Fleet Library). Awards include the 41st Korea Creative Art Contest, Bronze prize (2020), and the RISD Honours Student Academic Award.

Ji Won Cha is motivated by life’s contradictions; nature/nurture, digital/biological, fear/delight. Her paintings, set in nature’s abstract landscapes are imbued with care and fear. An abstract language, paint strokes that mimic digital mapping or code, and textures that pulse on the surface of the canvas all endeavour toward representation of a natural harmony. The resultant paintings appear as flows of imagery from a seeming unconscious mind.

Familiar motifs from ancient fairy tales are dotted through the paintings of Ji Won. She places importance on these childhood learnings and discoveries and is interested in the way they shape adult minds and consequently alter experiences. The knowledge we attain through childhood forms like layers in the mind, some memories are visually sharper than others, some appear mystified like an out of focus image. Ji Won communicates this dreamlike optical with skill and texture in her artworks.


Hannah knox

Hannah Knox is a painter living and working in London. Born and raised in the city by designer parents, art has always held an importance in Knox’s life. One of Knox’s early memories of art is distinctive: her parents took her to see a show called ‘Self Storage’ by Artangel with installations and sound by Brian Eno, Laurie Anderson and RCA students. Knox recalls coming to understand and be excited by the idea that one “could create something just for the sake of art,” and in 2007, she graduated from The Royal College of Art with an MA degree in Painting.

Since then, Hannah Knox has lectured in painting at numerous colleges and universities including Chelsea School of Art, Oxford Brookes University and University of the Creative Arts Canterbury. She has exhibited her own work extensively in the UK and elsewhere including Miami, New York, Detroit, and Dubai. Recent exhibitions include ‘Over All,’ solo show at Badr el Jundi Gallery, Spain (2022), ‘A Mark Extended’ at Wasserman Projects, Detroit (2021) and ‘Greetings from Miami’ at Hashimoto Contemporary, New York (2020). Her artwork has been collected internationally: her paintings are held in the Fidelity Art Collection and the Government Art Collection.


Aysha Nagieva

Aysha Nagieva is a Moscow born artist currently living and working in London. Last year, she graduated from City & Guilds of London Art School with a First-Class BA in Fine Art. Over the course of her final year of study, she adopted the Nevalyashka Doll motif which is now so intrinsic to her practice. Nagieva uses the traditional Soviet doll as a symbol of her childhood, and as a tool through which to better conceptualise and understand her practice.

Profoundly auto biographical, the artist is most certainly present in her artworks. Nagieva’s painterly gesture and touch is apparent in the brushstroke detail, which can be investigated at proximity to the engulfing works. Yet at a distance, with the entire work in view, witness a sharp execution of the doll’s curved plastic body. One might come to learn as much about the artist as she is learning about herself through this impressive demonstration of paintings.

Nagieva’s work has been exhibited multiple times in London in recent years, and at the end of last year she took part in Four You Gallery’s online group show ‘In the Eye of the Beholder.’ In 2021, she was shortlisted for the ACS Studio Prize.


Catherine Grossrieder

Catherine Grossrieder, (b. 1984, Bangkok), is an artist and graphic designer based in Hong Kong. She is also known by her street art moniker “Cath Love.” Her mixed heritage (Grossrieders’ mother is Thai, and her father is Swiss) has meant that she’s been influenced by a wealth of both Asian and Western art. The artist’s adolescence was spent in Hong Kong, yet summer vacations through the 90s took her to Swtizerland where she learnt of the local graffiti and hip-hop culture.

Grossrieder has a BA in visual communications from the University of Newcastle, from where she graduated in 2005. She has since gained an MA in Design from the University of Technology, Sydney, Australia. Further, Grossrieder was an artist in residence at the Singapore International School in 2014, and has worked with both the Canadian International school, and Victoria Shanghai Academy.


Leily Mojdeh

Leily Moghtader Mojdehi (b. England, 1999) is an Iranian, South-East Asian and British artist living and working in London. In 2021, Mojdehi graduated from Goldsmiths University with a BA in Fine Art. Over the course of her bachelor’s degree, Mojdehi learned to translate her personal narratives articulately into her multi-dimensional mixed media artworks. By re-imagining and re-interpreting this language, she creates “mise en scene compositions and objects from which stories can be unfolded, to explore [her] transcultural identity and liminal state of being.”. Mojdehi’s outcomes dance between the real and the representational in heavily layered colourful collage compositions.

Mojdehi is a member of the artist collective Floor Five, who are currently in a one-year residency at the Goldsmiths Centre for Contemporary Art. Leily and a handful of her friends formed the collective when studying, they joined force to support each other through the challenges of being a student during a global pandemic. With the importance of community more apparent then ever, the collective assembled to talk about their shared feelings of isolation, in their institution of study. Floor Five gather to draw on the everyday experiences of people of colour and attempt to provide a state of catharsis, already established between the members, through holding workshops and talks.

Following her Fine Art degree show, ‘Sitting Still’, at Goldsmiths last year, Mojdehi took part in various other group exhibitions including ‘The Politics of Physicality’ at ACal Arts Festival in London.


Alonsa Guevara

Alonsa Guevara is an artist living and working in New York. Guevara was born in Rancagua, Chile, but lived in Ecuador from the age of 5 to 11 years old. Her family then moved back to Chile where as a young creative with an inclination towards making, she discovered oil painting. Guevara speaks fondly of her grandmother, who taught her everything she knows; from cutting the wood to make frames, stretching, and preparing the canvas, as well as colour mixing. Awe-inspired by and with an acute knowledge of nature, she uses it as the sole subject of her paintings. Guevara uses nature as a portal to communicate her thoughts on fantasy vs reality, womanhood, fertility, desire, and the senses.

In 2009, Alonsa Guevara received a BFA from the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile. Then in 2011, she moved to New York City to complete the MFA programme at the New York Academy of Art. The urban landscape of New York made Guevara nostalgic for the landscapes of home, she began to paint elements nature from old images and memory and hasn’t stopped since.

Guevara’s work has been exhibited extensively over the past 10 or so years. The most important and career-defining was ‘Espíritu,’ her second solo show held at the Anna Zarina Gallery in New York in 2018. The multi-sensory exhibition was made up of paintings, and time-sensitive sculptures that changed as the show went on. Here, she was able to showcase art of various discipline, and display all her most recent and successful experiments.



Born in South Korea, Stickymonger is a New York based artist whose work transform ordinary spaces into eerie, dreamlike, parallel universes. Transfixed by the eerie yet inviting gaze of her animated subjects, the artist offers a guarded insight into her surrealist imagination. A demon- stration of dark and light, innocence and anxiety, one is transported into a liminal state of being. Working across an extensive range of mediums and form, Stickymonger initially trained in Korea and New York as a graphic designer, yet made the transition to fine art early on in her prospering career.

Since then, Stickymonger has exhibited extensively all over the world in both group and solo exhibitions. Some 2019 noteworthy successes include an exhibition of her work at the Frieze Art fair in New York and Art Basel in Hong Kong with Murakami Takashi’s Kiki Gallery, solo shows in Tokyo entitled ‘On a Clear Day’ with Hidari Zingaro and Hong Kong entitled ‘Parallel Universe’ with Space27.

Of her most recent solo exhibitions is ‘Still Smiling’ at Allouche Gallery in New York (2021) and ‘Lonesome Planet’ in Dubai with Four You Gallery (2020). Other exhibitions in 2021 include in 4 in LA in Los Angeles with Allouche Gallery and Superplastic: The Janky Heist (NFT) in New York in collaboration with Christie’s.


Still Smiling with Allouche Gallery, New York | 2021
Lonesome Planet with Four You Gallery Dubai | 2020
Parallel Universe | Unveiled Limited with Space27, Hong Kong | 05/17~ 05/26/2019
On a Clear Day | Hidari Zingrao Gallery, Tokyo, Japan | 04/05~ 04/23/2019
Searching For Something That Isn’t There | AFA Gallery, New York, USA | 11/15 ~ 12/02/2018
Jelly Bean Blast | Wootbear Gallery , San Francisco, USA | 06/17 ~ 07/13/2017
Jammed | Superchief Gallery, New York, USA | 04/15 ~04/21/2016
Cosmic Girls | Everyday Mooonday Gallery, Seoul, Korea | 01/15 ~03/27/2016
Eye see you, you see eye | Bunny Cutlet Gallery, New York, USA | 01/10 ~ 20/2014


Spray Painterly Curated by Stickymonger | Allouche Gallery, New York | 2021
4 in LA | Allouche Gallery, Los Angeles | 2021
Frieze Art Fair | Kaikai Kiki Gallery, New York | 05/01~05/05/2019
Art Basel Hong Kong | Kaikai Kiki Gallery, Hong Kong | 03/29~03/31/2019
FEMME | Juxtapoz Project Space, Jersey City, NJ | 03/01 ~ 03/29/2019
DAYP | Myplasticheart, New York, NY | 04/27 ~ 05/25/2018
EAST/WEST | Corey Helford Gallery, Los Angeles, CA | 01/13 ~ 02/17/2018
7th Annual Supersonic Invitational | Spoke-Art, NY | 01/06 ~ 01/28/2018
JUXTAPOZ Clubhouse | Superchief Gallery , Miami, FL | 12/ 6~ 12/10, 2017
CIRQUE NOIR | AFA Gallery, New York, NY | 10/01 ~ 10/22/2017
Duality | Wyn317 Gallery, Miami, FL | June, 2017
Formations | Giant Robot Gallery, Los Angeles, CA | 02/04 ~ 02/22, 2017
Sensory Overload | Corey Helford Gallery, Los Angeles, CA | 01/21 ~ 02/18, 2017
Beneath the New Waves | Corey Helford Gallery, Los Angeles, CA | 12/17/2016 ~ 01/14/2017
Tower to Streets | World Trade Gallery, New York, NY | 09/15 ~ 10/17/2016
CHG 10 Year Anniversary Exhibition | Corey Helford Gallery, Los Angeles, CA | 08/27 ~ 09/24/2016
Brooklyn Public | World Trade Gallery, Manhattan, NY | 10/22 ~ 12/01/2015
Tiny Trifecta | Cotton Cancy Machine, Brooklyn, NY | 06/06 ~ 07/05/2015
Bunnycutlet Presents | Cotton Candy Machine, Brooklyn, NY | 01/16 ~ 02/09/2015


Claire Idera

Claire Idera is a multidisciplinary artist based in Lagos, Nigeria. She creates delicate looking representations of a young woman who is constantly in a state of introspection. Her work centers around her personal journals from childhood to motherhood, portraiture, and ethereal aesthetics. Claire is a self-taught visual artist with a fashion and architectural background that forms her artistic process. She was nominated for The Future Awards Africa, Culture & Arts category (2016), she exhibited her at Rele Gallery (Group Exhibition, 2018 Lagos). After which she began developing her artistic narrative.


Damilola Onosowobo

Damilola Onosowobo Marcus’s (b. 1993) is a Nigerian artist and designer. Popularly known for her work with Dá Design Studio, a boutique design agency pushing the boundaries of brand expression in Nigeria. Works from her design studio were part of the Venice Design Exhibition, Venice (2019).

As an artist Onosowobo had her debut exhibition at Coalesce, a duo exhibiton at Affinity Art Gallery, Lagos (2021), She was also part of the Mother of Mankind exhibition (2021) curated by Adaora Mba (ADA contemporary art gallery, Accra, Ghana) at HOFA Gallery, London.

Onosowobo received a BA in Architecture from the University of Lagos and has an MSc in Environmental Design. She is the Managing Partner and Executive Art Director at Dá Design Studio. She is currently a member of the D&AD Impact Council and was a TFAA (The Future Awards Africa) young person of the year honoree.


Lesego Seoketsa

Lesego Seoketsa is an independent multidisciplinary artist who lives and works in Springs, South Africa. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Fashion degree from LISOF. Her practice consists of photography, collage, garment construction, and painting, where she uses media such as acrylics, oils, and digital interfaces. Her work focuses on the themes of identity politics, intersectionality in feminism and social systemic issues. Her inspiration comes from black liberation as well as social equality in post-modernity. Lesego’s work and persona have been featured in publications such as Vogue, Sunday Times, House & Garden, Glamour Magazine and many more. She is constantly seeking to expand her artistic expertise by developing her research and skills.


Muofhe Manavhela

Muofhe Manavhela, born 2000, Limpopo, is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Johannesburg.
Her vibrant work communicates the experience of a young black woman navigating the modern South African landscape. Inspired by artists like Lady Skollie and Andy Warhol, as well as her personal experience of a 21st century black womanhood, Muofhe depicts a more nuanced perspective of the daily experiences of black women.
The artist uses a variety of mediums mainly paint, printmaking and embroidery, to communicate themes of sexuality, youth, freedom, pleasure, and the domesticity of women. Her work is simultaneously fun and honest.
The young artist has a promising and growing stature having shown at her debut solo exhibit ‘12 seconds’ at Bubblegum Gallery, and group shows ‘Unusual Suspects’ at African Artists Foundation, ‘Mother of Mankind’ at ADA x HOFA, and ‘The Human Experience’ at Project Space Africa – her work finds home amongst different contexts.


Uzo Njoku

Born in Lagos, Nigeria and raised in the USA, Uzo Njoku (b. 1996) is a breakout painter and determined businesswoman set on bridging the gap between fine art and the commercial world of design. Having received her bachelor’s degree from the University of Virginia in Studio Art in 2019, she is now enrolled in the MFA programme at the New York Academy of Art. Surprisingly, Njoku originally registered to study Statistics at university, yet switched majors as her artistic interests and talents became more apparent. One of Njoku’s art heroes Njideka Akunyili Crosby followed a similar path. This encouraged her to transfer courses, and she has since keenly followed Akunyili Crosby’s successful career.

Njoku, however, considers herself to be coasting in her own lane, paving a path that suits her unique way of working. Due to a lack of funding, Njoku started making and selling prints to financially support herself whilst at college. Her early works were well received and widely collected. Almost overnight, her business came into being.

Since 2017, Uzo Njoku has exhibited extensively in both group and solo shows. Her work has been demonstrated in West Africa, the UK and the USA. Njoku’s most recent exhibit titled ‘Space of My Own’ at Voltz Clarke Gallery in New York was attended by over 300 people.


Amy Beager

Born in 1988, Amy Beager lives in — and works from – her Chelmsford, UK studio. In 2007, she received a National Diploma in Art & Design with Distinction and followed it in 2010 with a Bachelor of Arts degree, both from Nottingham Trent University. Beager won the Delphian Gallery open call 2020, but her work has been exhibited in London since 2019.

The Saatchi Gallery is currently home to ‘The Blue Room’ by Beager, as part of a group exhibition curated by the Delphian Gallery called ‘Antisocial Isolation’. Beager’s work has also been acquired by Soho House and made its way into many private collections globally.


Anna Nero

Anna Nero was born in 1988 to artistic parents in Moscow. Her grandmother happens to be an artist as well. At Kunsthochschule Mainz (Art Academy Mainz), Nero studied Fine Arts under the tutelage of Anne Berning. At Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst Leipzig (Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig), Nero was a student of Ingo Meller.

Nero graduated from the Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst with honours in 2015. She then joined a two-year Master Class Programme under the renowned Heribert C. Ottersbach and graduated from the Programme in 2017. Between 2011 and 2017, Nero was the recipient of a Cusanuswerk scholarship.

The artist splits her time between Frankfurt am Main and Leipzig. Her work has graced many exhibitions in Germany and United States.


Isabelle McCormick

Isabelle McCormick is a painter from St. Paul, Minnesota. She received her MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art, and her BA and BFA from the Brown University | Rhode Island School of Design Dual Degree Program. Isabelle has served as the Resident Fellow for the RISD European Honors Program in Rome, Italy. She has exhibited nationally in New York, Detroit, Providence, Minneapolis, and San Diego, as well as abroad in Italy, Greece, and Lebanon. Her first international solo show is slated for October 2021.


Jess Burgess

A British artist born in 1993, Jess Burgess is based in Norwich at the moment. She holds a BA (First) and MA (Distinction) in Fine Art from Norwich University of the Arts, earning them in 2017 and 2018, respectively.

The coveted Lynn Painter Stainer Prize has rewarded Burgess’ talents with a Young Artist award. Burgess is also the recipient of the Sir John Hurt Art Prize and the very first Zealous Stories UK painter prize. Her work has also appeared in ‘Friend of the Artists Volume 11’.

This year, Norwich’s Fairhurst Gallery is hosting Burgess’ first solo show. The artist has previously participated in an impressive array of group projects and exhibitions. These include ‘Finding Sanctuary’, Momentum, The Holy Arts, London, and ‘Forthcoming: Cley 20 nowhere’. In 2018, her work was a part of ‘FULLY AWAKE’organized by the ‘Teaching Painting’ group at the Dyson Gallery in the Royal College of Art, London. In 2019, her work also appeared in ‘Two Lives in Colour’ at the East Gallery in Norwich.


Kristy M Chan

Born in Hong Kong in 1997, Kristy M Chan is a painter based in London. She first studied at the Slade School of Fine Art, graduating with a First-Class Honours Bachelor’s Degree in 2019. A year later, she left the Sotheby’s Institute of Art with a Master’s in Contemporary Art. Her work has been exhibited not just in the UK but also across Europe and Asia. She has a solo show coming up in the near future with KOVET.ART in London. Her work will also be present at the Monaco Art Fair 2021, where she will be represented by the Van Gogh Gallery in Madrid.

Chan has additional representation from the House2Six gallery in New York and the Visual Space Gallery in Cyprus. She has been a part of residencies in the UK, Finland, Germany, and Chile, which have all piqued her interest in the themes of migration and displacement. Since March 2020, Chan’s work has been selected for display in eight online exhibitions. Her paintings can also be found in several private collections in Europe, Asia, and America.


Annabel Faustin

Born in 1989 in Toulon, Annabel Faustin lost her father at the age of four. The loss of her father — who was a fireman and a painter — in a plane crash moved Faustin deeply. It inspired her to become a painter as a way of honouring her father’s memory and realizing the unfulfilled dreams he had left behind.

Faustin holds a Diploma in Art Direction from L’École Estienne and a Masters in Luxury Management. Before becoming a painter, she spent six years working as a designer for numerous luxury brands. She found the work enjoyable but fast-paced and tiring, and around 2019 she started painting portraits of characters who were peacefully asleep. The dichotomy between Faustin’s lifestyle and her art was a symbol of her tiredness.

She moved to the Latin Quarter in Paris three years ago and has lived and worked there ever since. ‘Konbini Arts’ and ‘Inside Closet’ featured her work in 2020, and ‘Blues’ marked her first participation in an art show.

Faustin emphasizes slowness, softness, and contemplation in her paintings. Her work deliberately portrays a world without the stresses and violence of modern life. The world and the characters in her paintings show an almost-utopic existence with harmony and kindness. She simultaneously draws inspiration from the Renaissance and Romantic movements, but also more modern trends such as smartphones and selfies. Faustin creates surrealistic pictures by combining present-day objects with classical landscapes.

Faustin paints characters that are inspired by the paintings of Fernand Léger, busy in quiet contemplation and each other’s protection, in an environment that portrays a harmonious union between nature and culture.


Lena Brazin

Lena Brazin (b.1985, Kosice, Slovakia) is an artist currently living and working in London, UK. Largely self-taught, Brazin successfully completed and eagerly deserted a Masters degree in Management and Economics to pursue a career in the arts. Unable to ignore her burning desire to paint, the artist embarked upon years of mentored study in Slovakia and France. Following this, she enrolled upon the alternative studio-painting programme at Turps Art School in London from which she graduated in 2019.

Her unrelenting work ethic has been rewarded with victory in the form of numerous exhibitions. These include the “RA Summer Show 2020” Royal Academy of Arts 2020, London; “Ancient Deities” Arusha Gallery 2020, Edinburgh; “FBA Futures 2020” Mall Galleries 2020, London; “Exceptional” graduate art award, Collyer Bristow Gallery 2020, London; “Turps Painters 2019” Turps Gallery 2019, London; “Artist of the Day” Flowers Gallery 2018, London; “Bow Open Show” at Nunnery Gallery 2018, London. In addition, Brazin has been shortlisted for multiple prizes including: FBA Futures, Exceptional Graduate Art Award, Jackson’s Painting Prize and Bow Arts Open. Furthermore, her work is in the Soho House Collection as well as the hands of private collectors in France, Slovakia, the UK, the US, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.


Sally Kindberg

Sally Kindberg is a Swedish artist based in London. Kindberg graduated with both a Fine Art BA and MFA from Goldsmiths University of London, completing in 2012. Prolific in her achievements, the artist has exhibited extensively since. Kindberg has a well-established global presence and has noted the following as some of her most significant successes. Recently, the artist produced some of her largest and most ambitious paintings for an exhibition in Seoul: The London Now 2020 at Space K. Furthermore, Kindberg has noted the memorable curatorial experience and rich conversations she had at MOCA London in 2019 working with two other artists. Additioanlly, Nature Morte Contemporary Artists Reinvigorate the Still Life was a travelling group exhibition in which Kindberg participated that visited Norway, Sweden, Poland and the UK. The artist is proud to have contributed in many highly regarded displays worldwide. As a consequence of this wide-reaching exposure, Kindberg’s paintings have been collected in Australia, Belgium, Hong Kong, Ireland, Netherlands, the UK and the US.

Sally Kindberg’s paintings are immediately seductive in their oily sheen, inviting material hypnosis. The artist hopes to inflict, however, a second glance or ‘double take’, an optical return to the picture plane. Upon this secondary response, she anticipates the audience might pay further attention to the everyday or the overlooked. Kindberg’s paintings are acutely rendered, but the figurative exhibits a teasing tendency towards abstraction. This diffusion aligns with Kindberg’s modest feelings for life and art; she paints with depth and simultaneously encourages the awkward and bathetic, “I am glad the world is clumsy.”


Tilde Grynnerup

Tilde Grynnerup (b. 1973, Denmark) works across different medias such as textile, wood, installation, conceptual, photography, and film. She chooses whichever media expresses her vision the best, and work without limitations.

Having spent a decade writing songs, and another decade working with fashion, she creates artwork by combining words and textile. And having grown up with the inherited craftsmanship skills from a carpenter father, woodwork is like family to her.

She works alternately between her wood workshop in the countryside and her studio in the city of Copenhagen. The interaction between the countryside nature and the city is her perfect balance. Just like the interaction between working with soft materials like textile and hard materials like brass and wood.


Cho Hui Chin

Cho, Hui-Chin is a contemporary artist, best known for her figurative paintings and sculptures as the grotesque iconography of infants depicted in a metaphorical and id-iosyncratic visual language. Cho (born in 1994, lives and works in London and Par-is) finished her Bachelor at Slade School of Fine Art, University College London with first-class Honours and the dean’s list, and Royal College of Art. She has devel-oped her artistic practice from a multi-fertilisation of disciplines across paintings, drawing, sculptures, prints, videos and text works to allude ideas, systems and expe-rience as the bodies of artworks through the juxtaposition of questioning the stability of the materiality and our place within it.

Through the art practice of these different fields, Cho’s practice is research based and interdisciplinary, involving the relation between materials and the dilemma of using materials, and the relation between act of writing itself being the research and activity shaping the argument. Cho also explores how metaphors are overlaid and in-tegrated into our ordinary perception of items and literatures, simultaneously depict-ing the manifestation of responding to the metaphors hidden in the materials. With the multicultural circumstance, an amalgam of materials and languages of diverse fields act to prompt metaphysical dialogues regarding the distortion of figurative motifs and the leitmotifs about the rhetoric of political and ethical discourse along-side the iconography of babies whilst the motif sustains her works.

Her works are concerned with a miscellany of incongruous figures, motifs and frag-ments forming a narrative, that is grotesque but still compelling, and questioning the argument with the concerns of metaphysical perspectives, politics, ethics, humanity and community.. Cho’s inquisitive artistic practices are embodied in her introspec-tion and a reflection on humanity, desire, fetish, ambivalence, sadism and obsession. Cho Hui-Chin’s works have been exhibited and collected widely including solo shows and biennials in London, Paris, Florence, Rome, Hamburg, Slovenia, Hong Kong, Taipei, Manila, Fukuoka and Tokyo.


Berit Louise Sara Grønn

Berit Louise ́s work is about her perception of life, vary themes she spends time thinking of and mythology. Making observations of society and her surroundings. Her own experiences, relations and beliefs are in a conversation with her examinations. she is looking at the surroundings and creating a kind of sense of chance. She is Sami and her upbringing in the Sami culture has thought her how to value nature, subconsciousness and the worlds spirituality, the way life was handled and the impressions of everyday life is well within her.

Most of her projects start with a photograph, that then will lead into the painting. Applying color, form, expressions, words, themes and life on the canvas gives her freedom to play and develop within her own regulations. The works are about exploring abstraction, about balancing between having control and indulging in the unknown. The tension between the first strokes and the next ones that follow, those that only occur as accidents and how the interaction develops into unknown visual possibilities. She is interested in how the dynamics of the canvas changes with new elements that arise as she adds different materials from acrylic and oil to silk fabrics and ribbons. Her paintings let her join in on dialogues and her vibrancy in the work becomes an abundance of visual information.


Ania Hobson

Ania Hobson was born in Suffolk, UK. In the remote countryside, she spent her formative years drawing and painting. Initially developing and fine-tuning a technical skill by painting her surroundings such as farmland and landscapes, she quickly started focussing solely on portraiture. She studied portraiture painting at the prestigious Florence Academy of Art. After completing this, she soon abandoned a very schooled style for a more personal, contemporary one. She currently draws inspiration from the great portrait artists such as Alice Neel, Paula Rago, and Kerry James Marshall, as well as being influenced by other contemporary art movements in painting. She works from preliminary sketches, sometimes from life, by which she creates scenarios and situations imaged or re-created from memory, which have a strong story-telling aspect. She deepens the atmosphere by working on often very large canvasses with organic colours in oil, thickened with impasto. Ania won the Young Artist Award with the BP Portrait Awards at the National Portrait Gallery in 2018. Last year she exhibited in Venice with the GAA Foundation at one of the official collateral events of the Venice Biennale at the ECC. Ania recently had her first London solo show this year at The Catto Gallery and is working towards another for 2021. She continues to work in between Suffolk and London.

Ania aims to discuss and portray scenarios and situations, often through the use of her own personal experiences. Creating characters is her way of exploring the human form and often working from personal memories enables her figure to become more abstracted, less anatomically correct and unquestionably more expressive. Ania aims to engage the viewer with her exaggerated features and characters. This states ‘acts as a platform for communication and enables the viewer to draw parallels to their own experience and form deeper connections to the narrative within the paintings.’ Perhaps alluding to why most characters are depicted looking into the ambiguous background in which they are depicted. This references a continuation of narrative and leaves the viewer wondering where the characters are looking and what they might be seeing, suggesting the story continues outside the painting’s composition.


Xu Yang

Xu Yang (b. 1996, Shandong, China) is an artist based in London. In 2018, Xu graduated with a 1st Class Honours BA in Painting from Wimbledon College of Art, and has recently completed her Masters, also in Painting, at the Royal College of Art, London. Xu considered herself to be a professional artist following her first solo show in the UK: ‘100 Carat Diamond.’ This exhibition was awarded to Xu as the recipient of the Barbican Artists Group Trust ArtWorks Open, and it took place earlier this year. The artist is plentiful in award nominations; these include the Contemporary Young Artist Award (2020) and The Signature Art Prize (2019). Additionally, Xu has succesfully been awarded high acclaim at the Air Gallery Open (2019), and the ‘On the Mountain we Stay’ Residency (2019). Further, in 2017 she was shortlisted in the Whitechapel Gallery ‘First Thursday’ competition, and in 2018 she was shortlisted for the Clyde & Co Art Award.

Xu Yang has exhibited her artwork extensively across the UK, China and elsewhere in Europe. This year her work was featured in the London Grads Now exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery, which elicited affirmative conversation from the public, and consequent coverage in The Sunday Times and Fad Magazine. The artist believes collaborative relations to be of high importance – she has contributed to an ‘Imaging Technologies’ project with the Wimbledon College of Art Painting Research at Tate Modern (2017), and Monster Chetwynd’s ‘Here she Comes’ at the Royal Festival Hall (2016). Xu’s artworks have been collected in Asia and Europe.


Heidi Ukkonen

Heidi Ukkonen (b. Sweden) is an artist based in Antwerp. In 2015, she graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts with a Masters degree in Painting. Following this, she co-founded gallery Showhouse JayJay and has since exhibited artwork extensively around Antwerp, and more recently in Amsterdam. Earlier this year, Ukkonen participated in-group show DONTGIVEADAMNS with Marian Cramer Projects and will be exhibiting at This Art Fair (Amsterdam) in 2021.

The artist’s creative process contrarily begins towards the end of each day, when Ukkonen claims the best ideas arise. Her paintings are derivatives of the drawings she produces at night, when the “usual becomes unusual”, the ordinary becomes extraordinary and heady dreams generate artistic whimsy. The resultant artworks are paintings of egg-tempera acrylics and airbrushed detail, which are boisterous, soulful and uncanny in their animation.


Camilla Marie Dahl

Camilla Marie Dahl b. 1993, Sharon, USA is a painter and sculptor based in Brooklyn, NY. In 2011, Dahl attended Kunsthøjskolen I Holbæk, a school of fine arts in Denmark. She then went on to graduate from Skidmore College in 2016 with a Bachelor of Science in Studio Art. Dahl proceeded to have a successful early career, attaining numerous awards including the SEE Beyond Award, which facilitated the creation of her first full scale bronze figure sculpture. She has resultantly exhibited works in group shows across the USA, including ‘One Year of Resistance’ and ‘Uprise/Angry Women’ at The Untitled Space in New York City. Further, Dahl is a recent recipient of the Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Grant, and twice the recipient of the Leslie T. and Francis Posey Foundation Graduate Art Scholarship. In 2019, she was awarded a residency at La Ceiba Grafica in Veracruz, Mexico. Additionally, she is a recent graduate from the New York Academy of Art with an MFA in Painting.

Camilla Marie Dahl’s textural paintings and sculptures are created concurrently and in conversation. They meditate upon human manipulation of the natural, and concepts of hubris, modesty and isolation. Through their timely construction process, and as finished artworks, her paintings and sculptures consider the inherently humane appreciation of the natural world versus our self-centering desires to contain, control and optimize. Ultimately, the artist wishes “to communicate a championing of humility over ego.” Her robust and ambitious artworks are highly regarded, and have been collected internationally. Last year, Dahl’s work was auctioned at Sotheby’s New York.


Miki Matsuyama

With a background in real estate, Miki Matsuyama is an artist and aspiring interior designer based in Tokyo. Initially, Matsuyama was interested in the transactional side of space and property. This interest, however, has developed into a fascination with the transfer of space – from the architecture, to the screen and finally onto canvas. Through this process, Miki is creating a space of her own following the dimensional shift that occurs with each adaptation.

Matsuyama’s resultant work balances between art and illustration, she creates a light that makes one feel inclined to step inside the space. Yet one should observe and reflect upon the artists particular architectures of form, which offer a unique and personal perspective. The audience is encouraged to peruse and absorb the artworks, much like the artist does when looking for early sparks of inspiration in her surrounding world whether digital or physical.

In 2018, Miki Matsuyama achieved her undergraduate degree from the School of International Liberal Studies at Waseda University in Tokyo. She also studied Interior Design at the Parsons School of Design in New York City, and spent a year in Paris learning French. Further, Matsuyama gained experience working as a Real Estate Sales Representative at Sotheby’s and as a Gallery Assitant at Galerie Perrotin, both in Tokyo.


Ryoko Kaneta

Born in Ibaraki, Japan in 1991, Ryoko Kaneta is a Tokyo based artist whose paintings exist as transitional narratives, telling folk tales and ancient Japanese chronicles.
Feminine figures emerge delicately from the canvas, embodying nature season by season. One might fail to define the boundary between the elements and the bodies present in the scene. Yet, by applying sensitive fading techniques, Kaneta seamlessly intertwines all elements of her paintings without concealing a discernable and distinct image.

Ryoko Kaneta graduated from the Yokohama college of Art and Design in 2014 and has since exhibited her work in both solo and group exhibitions in Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand and Australia. Growing up Kaneta consumed images of anime and manga; such influences are apparent in her design aesthetic today. As well as these contemporary stimuli, the artist draws inspiration from late 18th century Japanese paintings. Ryoko Kaneta’s works are rooted in history and Japanese tradition yet take ephemeral form, appearing as phenomena.


Gemma Holzer (b. 1996)

Born in California, Gemma Holzer is an artist based in London. Primarily, her work is a reflection on childhood, the following emergence into adulthood, and life in the post digital age. The artist uses creative tools including autobiographical illustration, references to popular culture and indications to familiar children’s media.

The artist creates bold, large-scale paintings with brightly coloured acrylics and oils. She uses painterly techniques to attain flat surfaces that mimic digital screens; overly saturated scenes allude to memories of youth. The computerised images, albeit abstracted, are drawn directly from Holzer’s experience of childhood. Further, Holzer’s work addresses interpersonal relationships, loneliness, and reality. The paintings offer a surreal escape, and invite the audience into the make-believe experience constructed by the artist.

The fetus-like creature PinkBoy is the subject of most of the paintings in ‘Alone Together,’ and is reminiscent of familiar cartoon imagery. Holzer is inspired by artists including Charles M. Schultz and Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, and this is reflected by the motifs in her paintings. PinkBoy is a self-portrait; a stand-in for youth. He is placed within the artificial worlds to raise questions and concerns around being human in today’s age.


2021 November West Bund Shanghai
2021 October Art Taipei
2021 July Art Taichung
2021 May Art Basel and Art central Hong Kong


2021 March Art Tainan (solo booth)
2021 January One Art Taipei
2020 Solo show, Alone Together, Four You Gallery
2019 Group Show, Got It For Cheap & Velvet Ropes, House of Vans, London UK
2019 BA Degree Show, City & Guilds of London Art School, London UK
2018 Solo Show, Alien Within, Haren Majesteit, Amersfoort Netherlands
2018 Interim Show, City & Guilds of London Art School, Mother, London UK
2018 Group Show, SEX!: Human Construction & Human Connection, Crypt Gallery, London UK
2017 Group Show, Got It For Cheap, curated by 0-0 LA, Worldwide
2017 Group Show, School of Visual Arts, SVA Flatiron Gallery, NYC USA
2017 Interim Show, City & Guilds of London Art School, Crypt Gallery, London UK 2016/2017 Solo Show: Personal Space, Haren Majesteit, Amersfoort Netherlands
2016 Foundation Show, The Art Academy, London UK


2018 Shortlisted for The David Ballardie Memorial Awards


2019, The Shipyard Anchor, San Francisco USA


2019 City & Guilds of London Art School, BA (hons) Fine Art first class
2017 School of Visual Arts NYC, Summer Residency Photography
2016 The Art Academy London, Foundation degree with merit

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