A Guide to The Most Popular Art Themes

Four You Gallery
August 6, 2021

An emerging artist at work Many artists show a preference for certain themes in contemporary art and use them more often than others. There are also artists who are unafraid of experimenting with different themes. Some of these themes are very popular with people looking up contemporary art for sale online, and they’re discussed below:

1.      Landscapes

Nature holds a special appeal for every person, a fact clearly proven by the appreciation shown to traditional landscapes. Beautifully depicted natural scenes—mountains, rolling hills, water bodies, and the like—grace many online art exhibitions and private collections. Modern landscapes also have their admirers, as many people love unique interpretations of familiar scenes. These paintings combine the real with the abstract, and are sometimes called semi-abstract landscapes for this very reason.

2.      Abstracts

It can be said that all art is a deeply personal expression, but abstracts give perhaps the most room to artists for expressing their individuality. Using a variety of colour combinations and forms, artists are free to explore topics of personal significance. The best thing about abstracts is how open they are to interpretation. A viewer may see an abstract and derive the same meaning from it that was intended by the artist, or they may come to an entirely different conclusion based on their experiences.

3.      Animals

People’s fondness for animal art can be attributed to a variety of factors, including personal preferences and cultural significance. Interestingly, animals in artwork aren’t limited to domesticated species. As much as people enjoy paintings of dogs or cats, they also like artwork that’s focused on wild animals as it lets their beauty be admired without risk. It’s certainly safer to have a painting of a lion on your wall than to encounter a lion in real life.

4.      Seascapes

For some, seascapes bring to mind beach holidays and memorable hours spent relaxing under the sun. Others love to celebrate their favourite vacation destination by purchasing paintings that feature it. While golden coastlines—especially at sunset—are the undeniable favourite, many connoisseurs also appreciate harbour scenes that capture the hustle and bustle of everyday life in coastal towns.

5.      Nudes

Nudes have faced more than their fair share of controversy, perhaps even more than religious-themed artwork. But their popularity has endured from early civilizations to the modern society. Nudes are considered a celebration of the human form. Whether it’s an online gallery exhibition, an art museum, or a private collection, they continue to be in great demand. A photograph of painting tools As an art gallery for emerging artists, we provide emerging female artists a platform to showcase their contemporary fine art, and regularly hold online exhibitions by female artists. For further information, contact us today.

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