Art can be therapeutic. Learn how you can discover the hidden artist within you.

a drawing of patterns and faces

“We are born to create, and we can’t help it. Why is that? Because God, the great Creator, is in us.” Ernest Holmes

We Were Born Artists

Everyone was born an artist. Your favourite thing to do as a child must be scribbling something on a piece of paper with a bunch of crayons. You drew stick figures and painted a picture of your imagination. Mommy and daddy were stick figures, and so were you but each of those had a story to tell.

a kid creating art

Over time, we lost touch with our artistic selves. But we all have this yearning, making us want to get in touch with the creativity we once loved.

Let’s be Creative Again

So, it’s high time we embraced our artist. This could be done in many ways. Although we’re all alike in the way that we desire to be creative, we’re all different in how we want to do that. You could paint, sculpt, draw, or even perform a theatrical sequence. The goal isn’t to be perfect at what you’re doing. The idea is to have that same fulfilling feeling.

You may feel a little intimidated starting off something fresh. But you need to keep on pushing through, and you will get the hang of the process. The key here is to start creating, and everything else will come naturally.

Art Can be Therapeutic

a person painting

Expressing yourself by being creative has been therapeutic for many. Art’s impact on improving people’s mental health is undeniable. People find painting, pottery, or drawing a way to unwind. This art form comes as a way to distract from the everyday chaos, helping you live a better life.

Through art, you’re able to connect with your true emotions and expressions. This way, you accept yourself, which is the first step towards healing.

Let Your Inner Artist Out

It’s time to explore your strengths and let your inner artist out. You could take up any art classes to further excel in this. But indulging in art isn’t just about creating a marvellous piece. It’s also about appreciating other artists and admiring their work.

So, if you believe you’ve got an artist hidden in you, start by getting some inspiration. You can visit Four You Gallery. We’ve got contemporary art for sale online that will provide an accent to your place. Our contemporary fine arts gallery supports emerging female artists. You can support their work too by checking out our online art exhibitions.

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