Curator interview: Angeliki Kim Jonsson

January 5, 2021

Four You Gallery X Dynamisk

Hi! My name is Angeliki Kim Jonsson and I am the founder of Dynamisk.

Angeliki Kim Jonsson founder of Dynamisk

FYG: Tell us about Dynamisk?
AKJ: I founded DYNAMISK Independent Curating and Art advisory in 2018 and I work as an Independent Curator and Art Advisor on a multitude of curatorial and art advisory projects, studio visits, art talks, workshops and art tours. I also run a conversation series and I am currently co-writing my first book.

FYG: Why the name Dynamisk?
AKJ: As I am Swedish I wanted to highlight and celebrate that heritage, so Dynamic translated in to Swedish: Dynamisk: “characterized by constant change, activity or progress. Positive in attitude and full of energy and new ideas: as a force that simulates change or progress. I think that reflects upon my curating!

FYG: How did you decide on the curatorial topic?
AKJ: I have been running a hashtag on Instagram called #Sundayblues and it started a summer three years ago in Italy. After an amazing summer it was now coming to an end. It was a mixture of feelings, sadness and happiness all at once. It was a feel good melancholy sort of vibe. That was what prompted me to this curating. To capsulate that sort of energy within the art pieces that are in this show.

Four You Gallery X Dynamisk

FYG: Why did you decide to curate for Four You Gallery?
AKJ: I was approached by the gallery and I thought it was a great fit. As a gallery they are exclusively showcasing work by women artists and in their mission statement it says: there is an apparent lack in representation of female artists in galleries as well as the exclusion of women from the mainstream art market. Four You Gallery intend to provide a platform for the overlooked.
As a young woman working in the arts I felt this was something I could relate to, and definitely wanted to support and I am very honoured to curate the very first group show the gallery has hosted until date.

FYG: What inspires you?
AKJ: I would like to believe that I am very connected with my surrounding. Hence I find inspiration everywhere! In fact it’s been said that “I see art everywhere” I find inspiration from my peers, family, friends and my artists of course.

“Blues” Curated by Dynamisk

FYG: What is it in Berit works that you find the most intriguing?
AKJ: What I find intriguing with Berit’s work is the colours and the size. Even though her work is often across a large scale, it is not intimidating. It is abstract work that wants a conversation. It invites the viewer in. As I too am Scandinavian, I can really relate to the depth in her work and the colours, it really makes me think of the great blues we have up North.

FYG: Can you tell us more about Annabel’s paintings?
AKJ: Annabel finds inspiration both in history of art as well as from contemporary society. In fact her paintings is a mixture of both. As a reflection up on modern society where everything is about speed and over information her figures stops and the viewer gets a sense of softness, slowness and contemplation.

“Blues” Curated by Dynamisk

FYG: How did you come across Tilde’s artistic practice?
AKJ: I came across Tildes practice on social media. I love that it’s so hands on and Scandinavian. She has the most amazing ‘wood workshop’ where she works from that I would love to visit one day. I also love that the works she created for this exhibition found their inspiration in the blues music! If you have a closer look you will see it!

FYG: How did you meet Ania?
AKJ: I’ve only met Ania a while ago but I am really happy that I did and that I could include her work in this exhibition. I visited Ania when she was doing a residency in West London at The Fores Projects. I fell in love with her practice and the mood was just perfect for this show that I was about to curate.

“Blues” Curated by Dynamisk

FYG: Can you tell us more about Cho?
AKJ: Cho, Hui-Chin is a contemporary artist, best known for her figurative paintings and
sculptures. Cho lives and works between London and Paris. She graduated from
Slade and went on to do a degree at the Royal College of Art.
Over the years she has developed an multi artistic practice that includes disciplines
such as painting, sculpture ,drawing, prints, videos and text works.

“Thank you! And I really do hope you will enjoy ‘Blues’ a Dynamisk curated exhibition Four You Gallery.”

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