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Door to Door

Existing somewhere between fine art and illustration, Miki Matsuyama’s paintings in ‘Door To Door’ are spacious and project glorious light. Taking inspiration from interior magazines and books, as well as the ‘discover’ page on Instagram, Matsuyama reimagines images of space making them entirely her own. The delicacy with which the artist paints the interiors reflects the careful construction of the space itself. Each object in each composition sits gently but intentional, creating a well-balanced and harmonious room in which to reside. Encouraged by her background in real estate, these attributes are ones that Matsuyama seeks out. Her interests are made apparent through her keen eye for painterly detail and the attention paid to material. Matsuyama is successful in achieving varying texture, and entices the audience with an illusory offering of the tactile. Additionally, she encourages the viewer’s gaze from room to room through door to door, as though she is showing one around a property.

Miki Matsuyama’s artistic process begins with pencil drawings, she outlines the shapes of objects freehand and is reluctant to use erasers for any ‘mistakes.’ Reveling in the charm of imperfections, the artist enjoys leaving evidence of the trace of her hand in the paintings. The more time one spends observing the pictorial scenes, the more you discover. Matsuyama makes sure to feature the quirks and paraphernalia that make a house a home – albeit a very luxurious one in this case. Upon close inspection these visible features provide uniqueness and character. Yet when taking a step back, pleasing architectures of form and space come into view and are amplified by vibrant colour. Matsuyama’s artistic talent for the perspectives of space paves the promising path towards her dream of becoming an interior designer.

Miki Matsuyama