Artist interview: Sally Kindberg

Four You Gallery
February 3, 2021

Sally Kindberg in her London studio

FYG: What does art mean to you?
SK: Art is super important to me, it’s all I think about all the time, Monday to Sunday about 7 am until about 1am, it’s all I am thinking about, it’s super super imp…I cannot express how important art is to me.

FYG: Which artists are you most influenced by?
SK: Artists that inspire me, I love Konrad Klapheck and Domenico Gnoli, great painters, wow, when I saw their work in real life I almost had a heart attack. The paintings are just so exquisite!

FYG: How do you interpret the meaning of your work?
SK: The meaning of the work as I see it, is a form of MUZAK, it’s got a rhythm and a beat, it’s in
the background and it is sort of catchy with an itch, may it’s just trying to wake you up a little

Installation shot - Sally Kindberg - Queen Aubergine - Four You Gallery

FYG: Where do you find your inspiration?
SK: I find my inspiration everywhere, in the park, shopping center, bus, tube, library, museums, art history, history in general, television, advertising, what else, stock images, my own images, my drawings, that’s it, it’s everywhere, art is everywhere.

FYG: What part of the artistic work process do you most enjoy?
SK: The part of the process I am enjoying the most is basically when the painting is done, because then your hard work has paid of hopefully and it’s so incredibly rewarding to see the final product, because everything before that is just quite hard work and a lot of wishful thinking and yes so, the end is super rewarding.

FYG: Can you tell us a bit more about the body of work presented in the show.
SK: This is a group of paintings that I have been making throughout the year and they have quite a lot of things in common, I have been painting a lot of skirts and socks and vessels and drinking vessels and pots and glasses and sort of interiors, and I am very fascinated with the fact that you can create an images, the whole drive is around that and how paint magically can be transformed into something that we read as an image, so that is what I am doing, trying to make something mundane rather magical if I can. The show is called “Queen Aubergine”, which is the title of this painting, and it’s a skirt obviously but also got similar texture to an aubergine and I found that hilarious. This is often how I work with my titles, how they are one thing but the paintings show something else but you then connect them which gives an extra layer to them.

Sally Kindberg-Queen Aubergine, 2020-Oil on canvas-150 x 105 cm

FYG: How does your work comment on current social issues?
SK: I don’t believe it is my role as an artist to be didactic or being moral in any sort of way, I think my paintings exist in this own world that I have created and that is sort of enough.

FYG: How do you define success?
SK: Success to me is to be able to have a studio, to be able to go there and paint every day and think about my paintings, and think about the next painting that I am going to paint or just being surrounded by my ideas every day, that’s absolutely fantastic. That’s success.

FYG: What is your own perspective of life?
SK: What’s my perspective on life? Well, life is short so you better crack on with it and make as much work as you possible can, be passionate about things, eat a lot of good food, jump around like a maniac, listen to good music, have fun, that’s it really, just keep going, that’s what you have to do and have fun!

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