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Every artist may not be an activist, but many artists become one either directly or indirectly. Contemporary art allows artists to not just process their personal experiences, but also create scenes that are open to interpretation and protest against injustices. Artists have chosen to protest against governments, censorship, cultural values, war, and politics, to name a few.

Here are a few protest artworks that have stood the test of time:

1. Barbara Kruger’s Photography

Barbara Kruger takes black and white photos and adds captions to them in white on a red background, creating a stark contrast that demands attention. The American conceptual artist has been an advocate for women’s rights for decades, and her work also tackles consumerism. Her captions get straight to the point, and her signature style is instantly recognizable.

In 1989, she designed ‘Untitled (Your body is a battleground)’ to support the Women’s March on Washington and lend her voice to the fight for reproductive rights.

2. Ai Weiwei’s Installation Art

Ai Weiwei’s childhood was impacted as his father was exiled from China due to his political beliefs. He continues to be a staunch critic of the Chinese government, and his opinions are often reflected in his installations. The artist is also known for his ‘Study of Perspective’ series in which he photographs himself flipping off well-known buildings of political significance, such as The White House.

In 2008, Weiwei famously installed ‘Snake Ceiling’ in Sichuan after an 8.0-magnitude earthquake in the region claimed the lives of thousands of children. In 2014, he used his ‘Stools’ installation to draw attention to issues faced by China.

3. Jenny Holzer’s Projections

Jenny Holzer, a well-known neo-conceptual artist from America, has always focused on using words to shed light on important issues. She creates impressive installations, and projects her text-based work on buildings, billboards, and LED displays to ensure maximum visibility.

In the last two decades, Holzer has frequently worked with declassified government documents and reports. Her work with this material has resulted in disturbing information coming to public knowledge. It’s brought to light the darker side of the United States’ wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Notable examples include her ‘Top Secret’ series of 2012 and ‘Dust Paintings’ series of 2014.

Summing It Up

Artists have a variety of materials, formats, and styles at their disposal to create striking works of protest art. They use their platform to protest, raise awareness, and tell the world where improvements are needed.

A mural in Clos du Chêne, France

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