Understanding Abstract Art

a blue-orange abstract art piece

Have you ever stood in front of an abstract art piece, wondering what it is that you’re looking at? Is it a character, a random stroke of paint, or something metaphysical? If you’ve wondered what an artwork meant, you’re not alone.

Understanding art isn’t an obvious thing, and it’s not about looking at what is right in front of you. It’s an in-depth analysis, interpretation of standing in the artist’s shoes for a moment empathetically and understanding what went behind the creative process.

Thinking Out of the Box

Abstract art just requires an open mind and a working imagination — and voila, you have the understanding you’ve been searching for all this time. You have to start off with something that seems complicated but isn’t: looking beyond what your eyes can see and what you can recognize. In short, turn on your mind’s eye; abstract art is an exploration, and you’ll have to let go of that box and wander out of it to understand it fully.

Abstract art began in the nineteenth century as opposition to realistic art; while realistic art borders the border of sanity, of physical existence, and laid rules, abstract art wanders into a realm beyond perception and gives the artist the freedom to create art that touches intangible emotions and knocks out the physical boundaries of the world.

a contemporary art piece featuring yellow, red, white, and blue paint

There’s No Puzzle to Solve

Humans dig meaning; they want things to make sense. However, abstract art goes against making sense; it doesn’t have to have a meaning, it doesn’t need to have a story or an explanation. Its purpose is not to have a background but to encourage creativity and imagination. It’s about a deep dive into emotions.

This makes us, the viewers, the deciding factor — whatever meaning we give the abstract art piece, it takes it.

How to Look at Abstract Art?

You’ll have to give up understanding. Don’t stress about feeling something; you don’t have to. And don’t think too much about the hidden meaning behind the painting — let it reach out to you, let it convey you with its intended emotion. Observe the art, the colors, the patterns, the textures, and let them confront you. Let it wash over you, and that’s all you really have to do.

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