Tips to Find the Right Frame for Your Art

Finding the right artwork for your collection is only the first step. Once you have chosen a contemporary art painting you love, you need to frame it before displaying it in your house. However, with the large variety of frames and dozens of frame color options in the market, picking the perfect frame can be intimidating.

Here are some tips for finding the right frame for your next art collection entry.

Multiple painting framesKeep It Simple

One of the biggest mistakes many new collectors make is to go for fancy frames. While these designed frames might look good for some paintings, they actually steal the limelight away from your artwork. Instead of focusing on what an artist has painted on the canvas, the viewers will be more intrigued by the frame of the painting, which is something you need to avoid.

The easiest trick is to stick to simple wood gallery frames like most artists. When considering the color, select a black, white, or brown frame that draws attention to your painting. If your frame has a bright shade, viewers will again focus on it instead of on the painting. Moreover, if your purchased painting features a melancholic vibe, a brightly-shaded frame might not be the right option.

But what if you don’t want a wooden frame? Go for a metallic one! A metallic frame, in gold or silver shades, looks more luxurious but is still minimalistic.

When Picking a Frame, Don’t Forget the Matting (For Some Paintings)

Matting is the backdrop of your painting in the frame. Even though it’s optional, you can make your painting look bigger if you decide to get a matting. This works well for small art pieces. But you need to keep a few things in mind when selecting matting. Firstly, keep the matting simple. A white backdrop will allow a painting to talk and work its magic.

On the other hand, if your painting is in a darker color, you can skip the matting and directly get a frame around the borders. Moreover, artists and framers also recommend skipping matting in oil paintings as it allows the artwork to look breathtaking.

Frame or No Frame? It’s a Tough Choice

In some situations, artists let paintings shine without a frame. But is that a good idea? Even though some paintings look better without frames, framing provides a protective covering that preserves your artwork for a long time.

Copied My Mother by Catherine GrossriederCheck Contemporary Art for Sale Online

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