“Reconnection” Serie-Magic Came Back, 2021

Annabel Faustin

“Reconnection” Serie
Magic Came Back, 2021
Acrylic on canvas
65 x 54 cm


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Annabel Faustin was born in the South of France in Toulon, in 1989.
When she was 4, her father who was a fireman and a painter, died in a plane crash. This accident has influenced her life and her will to become a painter like her father to realise the dream he couldn’t achieve anymore. In 2007, she moved to Paris where she obtained a diploma in Art direction at L’École Estienne and a master degree in luxury management. From 2014 to 2019, she worked for many luxury brands as a designer where she enjoyed work, but experimented with lack of time and overproduction. Inspired by her current fast life, she began to paint portraits of peaceful sleeping characters, a way to express her own tireness. Since 2019, she lives and works in the Latin Quarter in Paris as a painter where she is keeping on creating a slow and soft world with some bright acrylic colors on canvas. Read more

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