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Travel Inside My Heart

‘Travel Inside My Heart’ presents the audience with a myriad of wonderful contradictions. As the title demonstrates, the exhibition is one about escaping by looking inward, or inside oneself. Not often do we find comfort in introspection, particularly now, however Annabel Faustin creates celebrated visions that are rich in wonder and come from this sometimes daunting ‘inner world.’ Prior to now, the artist painted with an outward looking eye, and addressed global social themes. The past year, and the changes it has brought, has exposed an intensely vulnerable part of humanity. On a personal level, this drove Faustin to paint with more honesty and authenticity, specific to herself and her dreams. As a woman, this began with the re-claimed female gaze and form in their entireties: mind, body and soul.

Annabel Faustin intends to build a re-imagined world on canvas. The results are soft and symphonic microcosms of a harmonious humankind, rid of the stresses of modern life. The artist hopes to divulge and invite the audience on a therapeutic escapade through fruitful landscapes of perfect green. Fernand Léger inspired soft and plump subjects act as spiritual guides. Evidently, Faustin’s compositions tend to materialise from fleeting visions and gentle feelings experienced when meditating.

Much like Léger, Faustin believes the primary purpose of making art is to enrich the lives of people in society. Her paintings are as bold and sharp, as they are contemplative and calm. The viewing experience of Faustin’s paintings is incrementally fulfilling as the colours become sunnier and the textures silkier. To live amongst these paintings is a position one desires, and to live within these paintings would be to realise a fantasy.

Annabel Faustin