Night and Day Meet in the Early Morning

Four You Gallery
April 14, 2021| Christine

“From the moment I laid my eyes on this painting, something about it spoke to me. Something about it felt so warm and familiar and nostalgic.
And so, I wanted to follow this feeling and see where it would take me, and it took me in the direction of a poem inspired by the painting!”

Annabel Faustin-Night and Day Meeting in the Early Morning, 2020-Oil and acrylic on linen canvas-81 x 65 cm

“hello old friend”
Said the moon to the sun
As the night fades away
And the day has begun

“it feels like forever
Since last we embraced”
Replied the sun to the moon
With such softness and grace

“I fear I’m not always welcome
Like my presence insights worry
Long and short days are both alike
they seem to always be in a hurry

There never seems to be enough of me
To go around during the day
With so much to do and so little time
They’d rather I go away

They long for the night
For your presence, to escape
To be rid of me for the moment
They’re so quick to forsake

Just hold me old friend
I find comfort in your embrace
You make the mixed feelings go away
All the sadness, you just erase”

The moon just held the sun
With a smile on her face
With love in her heart and said
“you’re in the right place

You’re right where you’re meant to be
You light up their worlds
Even when they’re with me
It’s for you that they yearn

While they share their dreams with me
All their hopes and their fears
It’s you who breathes life into them
Can’t you see that my dear?

With me they’re just resting
With you they come alive
In reality we’re both important
For them to survive

We may be different, old friend
As different as night and day
But together we make a whole
And I wouldn’t have it any other way”

“this is why I enjoy your presence
However fleeting it may be
These early morning meetings
Fill my hear with such glee”

As the Sun uttered those words
With so much warmth and light
Making her way to start the day
And said goodbye to the moon and night

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