Instagram’s favourite interiors are immortalised in paint by Miki Matsuyama

The Spaces
September 4th, 2020
| Emma Tucker

Miki Matsuyama, ‘DS 600 at Les Roches Rouges’, 2020

Japanese artist Miki Matsuyama has recreated some of Instagram’s most envy-inducing interiors for her Door to Door exhibition of paintings.

Hosted by Four You Gallery, the online show comprises a carefully curated collection of real-life rooms that Matsuyama has borrowed from magazines, books and the internet. The Tokyo-based artist draws on a background in real estate to select each interior, recreating them first in pencil and then in paint – and purposefully leaving in any quirks or mistakes along the way.

Installation view, Miki Matsuyama, ‘Door to Door’, courtesy Four Your Gallery

Images are laid out to encourage the viewer’s eye to move across the room, as if visiting it in person. Door to Door features the homes of some recognisable names, such as model Elsa Hosk and a plethora of well-known design pieces – including Faye Toogood’s Roly Poly Armchair.

Despite being based in Japan, Matsuyama says she’s especially drawn to western interior imagery, explaining, ‘I identify to one geography and culture, yet I seemingly become inspired by others.’

All the pieces included in Door to Door are displayed on the Four You website as a digital exhibition.

Miki Matsuyama, ‘Cy Twombly’s home in Rome’, 2020
Miki Matsuyama, ‘LOVE by Pierre Yovanovitch’, 2020
Miki Matsuyama, ‘Interior Designed by 1stdibs’, 2020
Miki Matsuyama, ‘NYC Apartment Designed by Sandra Weingort’, 2020
Miki Matsuyama, ‘F.A. 33 Mirror Designed by Gio Ponti,’ 2020

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