How to Accentuate Your Living Space With Paintings

Decorate the house with paintings

Paintings are a great way to express yourself and connect to culture simultaneously. Decorate the house with paintings to add more color and character to your living space.

If you plan to do so, read this blog post to find some amazing ways to accentuate your living space with paintings.

5 Ways to Decorate the House with Paintings

These five methods discussed below will work well to decorate the house with paintings.

1.    Polyptych Paintings

Polyptych paintings are trending due to their large-scale coverage and easy setup. You don’t need to carry a heavy painting since the canvas is divided into separate pieces but with a continued painting. Hence, Polyptych paintings easily enhance your home interior while being lighter to carry.

Diptych and triptych paintings are people’s most common artworks in their living rooms. However, more pieces also look great, depending on your design.

2.    Large Scale Paintings

Another phenomenal way to instantly accentuate your living space is by using large-scale painting. This type of painting doesn’t have separate canvases. Instead, it’s one large painting on a single canvas.

Large-scale contemporary art looks perfect in bedrooms right above the bed. In contrast, cultural identity artwork looks better above a small heightened sofa in the living room. Both styles create a signature wall that’s usually a great way to impress guests.

3.    Curated Art Wall

If you aren’t a fan of gigantic paintings and want a dainty option, you can opt for a curated art wall. Such walls have one focal artwork surrounded by multiple paintings connected by a single theme. For instance, a pink flamingo in the middle with botanical paintings around it would look exotic.

Curating an art wall requires certain control as the theme, and the framing of the artwork should match to give a universal feel.

4.    Ceramic Painting Exhibition

Fill your space with gorgeous artwork with an added twist: use ceramics as a canvas. Ceramic plates are a fun canvas to experiment with your painting skills on. You can choose a contemporary theme or channel your cultural identity through patterns and designs.

5.    Murals

Who said you need art pieces to fill your space with color? You can also use murals to accentuate your space and connect to your inner art lover. Nowadays, graphical shapes with muted color palettes are trending to decorate the house with paintings.

You can create scenery from your favorite storybook if you want more movement. Murals work well for kids’ rooms and to create accent walls around living rooms.

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