Experiencing an Art Block? Here’s How to End It?

Have you ever found it highly challenging to paint something despite really wanting to? Do you have trouble finding the motivation to create new art pieces? Unfortunately, it seems like an art block. Art block is every artist’s worst nightmare, and you might have to spend days figuring out how to create a new art piece. But we can help you avoid the phase and skip to creating paintings like you did before.

This blog discusses how to end your art block effectively.

An artist painting on a canvas to end their art block

Find Prompts

One of the best ways to get over your art block effectively is to find prompts or real-life objects that can help you get started on your next painting. A simple Google search will give you hundreds, if not thousands, of ideas on what you can paint, and this doesn’t have to be something highly-complicated or intricate. You can simply pick up a prompt like a glass or a vase and paint away!

Create Doodles

Whoever said that doodling isn’t considered art simply didn’t know how to use it to end an art block. Another effective way to end your art block quickly is picking up a piece of paper and drawing random lines on it.

No matter how many lines and squiggles come into your mind, draw them down, form them into a shape, and see your doodle turning into your next masterpiece. You can turn the lines into any shapes or objects and have fun while doing so! This method will help you get your rhythm back, which is the first step to ending your art block.

Study the Work of Other Artists

Even if you haven’t studied the work of a lot of artists in your art career, you can still start it and use the process to end your art block. You can come across other talented artists and get inspiration that can help you get over your art block. See the ideas they have portrayed and think of something along the same lines.

Paint used in free painting to end art block

Find Inspiration from Four You Gallery to End Your Art Block

Looking at the works of other artists can get your creative juices flowing in no time! At Four You Gallery, we arrange many online gallery exhibitions that can assist you in ending your art block. Artists and art lovers can look at the paintings at these emerging artists’ exhibitions to get the much-needed motivation to end their art blocks. Additionally, we have contemporary art for sale online that will make an amazing addition to your inspiring collection.

Reach out to us and learn more about our traveling and online gallery exhibitions by women artists and attend them to end your art block.

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