Curator interview: Adele Smejkal

June 3, 2021

Four You Gallery X Artistellar
‘It’s All Relative’

Adele Smejkal founder of Artistellar

FYG: Who is Adele Smejkal?
AS: I am an art entrepreneur, curator, and writer. My background is actually in the secondary art market; I worked at Sotheby’s London for over three year but I always loved working on independent projects with emerging artists. So, a year ago I decided to leave and start my own business. In September 2020 I launched Artistellar – an innovate online for millennial collectors.

FYG: How did you decide on the curatorial topic?
AS: I was trying to look for women artists that are very strong in their artistic practises. I wanted artists that have clear vision and focus on one subject matter that is relevant to them and only them. So even though each of the artists is occupied with a different topic they all share the vision of being highly opinionated, developing their own artistic language to communicate those views.

FYG: Why did you decide to curate for Four Your Gallery?
AS: I think that Four You Gallery shares the same vision in bringing the best emerging art talents. That fact that the gallery supports women artists was another reason I thought this would be a great collaboration. With my gallery Artistellar I also love to support women artists; more than half of the artists I represents are women and I also curated a full women artist show last year.

FYG: What inspires you?
AS: I am inspired by everything from art, design to fashion. I basically find inspiration in everything visual. When it comes to ideas, I love reading journeys and success stories of other people.

Amy Beager Cut Him Out in Little Stars, 2021 Acrylic and oil on canvas 100 x 150 cm

FYG: What is it in Amy Beager works that you find most intriguing?
AS: The most intriguing aspect of Amy Beager’s work for me is her use of colours. She uses pastel shades where green dominates, making it her signature colour. She also combines it with pink and purple which I find very interesting.

Anna Nero Left: Fly like a Butterly, Sting Like a Bee, 2021-Oil and acrylic on canvas-180 x 130 cm Right: Celini (Moonshine), 2019-Oil and acrylic on canvas-180 x 130 cm

FYG: Can you tell us more about Anna Nero’s painting?
AS: When looking at Anna Nero’s work I feel I am decoding a story or meaning. Which is quite interesting because her works are rather minimalist. Together with her titles of the paintings she helps the view navigate the viewing process in a provocative way.

Kristy M Chan Everyday We Sit Around the Dinning Table Doing (Blank), 2021-Oil, gold leaf, gold and silver dust on canvas-180 x 160 cm

FYG: How did you come across Kristy M Chan’s artistic practice?
AS: I first come across Kristy M Chan’s work last year in another online exhibition and thought her work was special. Later on, I saw she was selling a few pieces in Instagram’s artist support pledge and I ended up buying a small piece for my collection.

Jess Burgess Left: Yoga mat, 2019-Oil, acrylic on canvas-100 x 100 cm Right: Ottilie, 2019-Oil, acrylic on canvas-100 x 100 cm

FYG: How did you meet Jess Burgess?
AS: I met jess Burgess when she reached out to me to write a catalogue essay for her solo exhibition. I loved taking on that project because I though her work was so chic and inspiring. She ended up gifting me one of her works for the essay, which I love having in my home.

Isabelle McCormick-10 March 2020-Oil on canvas with gold leaf & Swarovski crystal rhinestones-96.5 x 72.2 cm

FYG: Can you tell us more about Isabelle McCormick?
AS: Isabelle McCormick stroke me with her bold imagery and colours. Her almost kitch colour combinations reference our phone & internet-depended society. There is so many beauty apps and social media apps upon which the society judges us, which I think is a very interesting and important topic to discuss.

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