Learn about how Four You Gallery is breaking the status quo in art by supporting emerging female artists.

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Status quo literally means “the existing state of affairs.” Whatever is happening right now and is considered normal can be categorized under the status quo. It isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The status quo is important to keep things running in their regular state of affairs.

However, we need to constantly evaluate whether our system needs to change. Usually, the status quo is challenged with innovation or a new social movement.

As for art, people consider art to be a genre that is already challenging the status quo. But if you get deeper into the art world, you get exposed to a list of status quos that has been existing. And one of those is the dominance of male artists across the world.

With the feminist movement gaining strength across industries and countries, it’s about time we brought it into art. Art has already been deeply involved in bringing feminism to the spotlight. But when it comes to art as a profession, female artists are never given the fame they deserve.

It’s not like we haven’t had great women artists. Throughout history and different art movements, women have played a pivotal role. Women have been pioneers of different art reforms. Yet, we only hear about popular male artists and their commendable work. Not to say that those men didn’t deserve the fame, but women were there too; they just weren’t credited enough to be remembered.

Four You Gallery

art exhibition

Four You Gallery is here to change this. The contemporary art gallery is here to support emerging female artists. The team at Four You showcases women’s work exclusively to introduce the world to their talents. The founders themselves said that they wanted to bridge the huge gender gap that exists within art.

Art Comes from Art Cities

While we’re talking about the status quo and how Four You is playing its part in breaking it, let’s also discuss this. It’s a common misconception that only Paris can produce great artists. An artist can be present in any part of the world. And to highlight that, Four You has provided an international platform to all the emerging artists across the world. Four You wants the world to know about great artists coming from humble backgrounds and “non-art” cities.

Only Famous Artists Are Successful

This is another trope that exists within the world of art. The truth is that any artist can be successful if their pieces speak to the viewer and creates an impact. They don’t have to be popular to be noticed and appreciated. This is why Four You highlights the emerging talent, artists that are still in the making.

Visit Art Gallery for Emerging Artists

So, if you want to help in this process of breaking the status quo, you should definitely visit Four You Gallery. At Four You Gallery, we do contemporary art exhibitions by all our female emerging artist. You can purchase contemporary art for sale and support these artists.

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