Continuing the Legacy of Art — Female Artists at Four You Gallery

For thousands of years, society deprived female artists the recognition and opportunities they deserved! However, things started to change when strong-headed female artists decided that enough was enough; they changed the narrative and the world with their art. These notable names include Frida Kahlo, Georgia O’Keeffe, and Mary Cassatt. You may wonder that these women are all artists of the past, so has the legacy of ‘female art’ come to a stop now?

Nope, it’s still here, stronger than ever before! Here are some emerging female artists at Four You Gallery, continuing the legacy of the greats.

Painting ' Pepperoni Labia' by female artist Catherine Grossrieder

Catherine Grossrieder

New to the Four You Gallery team, Catherine Grossrieder or Cath Love is no stranger to the art world! Born and brought up in Hong Kong, Catherine Grossrieder brings an Asian narrative to the Western-dominated female art world. Her Asian background reflects in her artwork, as she admits to finding inspiration in both western and Asian art styles.

One thing you should know about Catherine Grossrieder is that she loves the hip-hop culture in art, another element reflected in her Asian and western-style cartoons. You might be surprised to find that she began her journey skating on the Hong Kong roads and creating pieces that depicted her style. Unlike other artists, she creates cute art pieces alongside surreal ones, showing she has stayed true to her Asian roots!

Hannah Knox

With a Masters’ degree from the Royal College of Art, art lovers at many British universities admire the work of Hannah Knox. She has lectured at many universities and colleges, including the Chelsea School of Art and Oxford Brookes University.

She is keeping the legacy alive by discussing her love for art with hundreds of students in these lecture rooms. In addition, she has displayed multiple exhibitions over the past five years, and publications like Huffington Post and Hyperallergic have featured her work, making us more proud of how far she has come!

So Young Kim

Another Asian female artist continuing the legacy of art is So Young Kim, who’s based in Singapore and South Korea. In the past, her work was more skill-driven, but now she has moved to the realms of abstraction, taking part in many exhibitions.

Incomplete Motion by an emerging female artist So Young Kim

These emerging female artists and more will keep the art legacy alive and inspire many along the way. At Four You Gallery, we display the art of these female artists at online art exhibition of galleries. Visit our galleries or buy contemporary art for sale online, and support our creative female artists.

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