Contemporary Protest Art — 3 Influential Art Pieces in American History

Art has long been considered a medium of expression that has the power to change mindsets and the course of history. In the past, art lovers witnessed some paintings, postures, sculptures, and statues that tried to redefine society. Fortunately, the trend has continued, and American history has many notable contemporary protest art pieces.

Here are some influential art pieces in the history of American contemporary protest art.

A red ribbon for AIDS awareness

‘Silence = Death’ in 1987

AIDS was long considered a taboo disease, and when AIDS started affecting people in the USA, the government and authorities ignored the issue until 12,000 people died. Considering the unempathetic attitude of authorities and mainstream media, 6 men from New York started having private meetings to discuss the people they lost due to this disease. They wanted to come up with a tangible idea that could stay for a long time and show people the horrors of AIDS in an impactful way.

Therefore, they came up with a poster, a pink triangle on a black background with the words ‘Silence = Death.’ The poster ended up on many significant buildings, including Times Square, and areas with a huge queer population, like West Village. The poster was powerful; it gathered the attention of queer folk and mainstream media in a few days and is still considered the most important icon of the fight against AIDS.

‘A Man Was Lynched by Police Yesterday’ in 2015

In the years between 1920 and 1938, the NAACP had a tradition of raising a black flag with the words ‘A Man Was Lynched Yesterday’ every time the police lynched a black man. However, in 2015, the artist Dread Scott realized that the black flag was unnecessary and just normalized murder at the hand of the police.

Therefore, when Walter Scott was killed by a police officer from South Carolina, Dread Scott created his version of the flag, which read, ‘A Man Was Lynched by Police Yesterday,’ showing everyone what the main issue behind these murders was!

‘Long Live Freedom’ in 1978

Contrary to popular belief, the Iran Freedom Movement is nothing new. The people, especially the women of Iran, have been struggling to get freedom from the clutches of their extremist regime for the past multiple decades. They have been protesting through different creative channels, including art. An example of this is ‘Long Live Freedom’ by Nicky Nodjoumi, which despite being simple, encouraged many people in Iran to fight for their freedom.

Protests in Iran

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