Contemporary Art and Traditional Art — How Do They Differ?

Both contemporary fine art and traditional art are branches of arts, where artists pour their ideas on canvases and through other mediums. However, as the name suggests, both these branches have some differences. Most artists know the difference between these two, but if you’re new to the world of art, let us guide you.

People looking at traditional art by an emerging artist

Their Origins

In simple words, contemporary art is the art of the current era. Like today’s world, contemporary art is all about aesthetics, looks, and post-modern concepts. Through contemporary art, artists reflect modernism and its sub-branches in their work. But do you know that today’s contemporary art is the same as the art in the 1970s, as contemporary means continuation? This means that contemporary art trends will continue until a new trend is born.

On the other hand, traditional art represents historical culture, skills, traditions, knowledge, and more. Since this art form is traditional, artists represent the ideas and culture of the previous generations in unique ways. Unlike modern art that focuses on aesthetics, traditional art has a different approach. In traditional art, the creator and audience focus on the concept behind the art representing any community.

Examples of Contemporary Art and Traditional Art

As discussed above, contemporary artists portray the modern society and its issues. In the process, they portray these issues through different mediums in innovative methods. This means that they paint and create art revolving around post-modern topics like feminism, globalization, multiculturalism, LGBTQ+ awareness, and more.

However, examples of traditional art include artists working to depict their culture. In addition, many artists also choose to paint comparisons of modern society and the past era through traditional art. Many cultures also use traditional art as a medium to preserve and promote their beliefs and history.

Mediums Used in These Two Art Forms

Apart from the ideas represented, traditional and contemporary art also differ based on their artists’ preferred medium. Contemporary art doesn’t have any medium limitations. Contemporary artists can paint on canvases, walls, floors, clothes or create digital art.

On the other hand, traditional artists only create their magic on canvases or through sculptures.

People looking at contemporary art

While both traditional and contemporary fine art is unique, modern ideas are the future! Therefore, our best galleries for emerging artists at Four You Gallery represent contemporary art and artists. We believe in creating more opportunities for contemporary female artists.

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