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Blues curated by Dynamisk

Four You Gallery is pleased to present Blues a Dynamisk Curated exhibition and the very first group exhibition the gallery has hosted to date. Blues is a collective show hosting works from Annabel Faustin, Ania Hobson, Berit Louise Sara Grønn, Cho Hui- Chin and Tilde Grynnerup. The exhibition aims to challenge the traditional concept of blues and instead explore new avenues of meaning beyond the conventional.

Here blues are thought of as a blue haze, where dreams and reality meet and entwine into one. Blues is being melancholic yet nostalgic, it is a feeling of longing, memories and dreams. It is a tipping point between opposites, sanity and insanity, extreme happiness and fatal misery. It is a state in which we feel like we have lost our grip and are falling and yet again we have never felt so alive.

The characters in the exhibition are brave and strong. They are connected with the physical and the spiritual, the outside world and one owns feelings. They are not afraid to show emotion. They are modern day Flâneurs that carefully observe their surroundings and it is how they view life with all its complexities and imperfections that ultimately reflect back upon who they are and what they feel: ‘blue’.

In the abstract works there are instead rich layers of symbolism and meaning, brushstrokes and colors are in a constant flow and seems to be in an eternal conversation. Conveyed through a variety of compositions and motifs, figurative and abstract, the ambiguity of the Blues are deeply rooted in all of the works.

The feeling of blue, is something that we cannot put our finger on but ultimately we can all relate to. Because we are currently in a world, where we have never been so disconnected and yet connected at the same time. It is all a sense of wonder, but what encourage us is to know, that we are after all, not alone.

Blues curated by Dynamisk