4 Art Trends to Lookout for in the Future

Contemporary Art

Change is the crux of nature, and everything around us is always evolving, even art.

With the countless historic movements it has been through, art has always come out to be a little louder, more diverse, and more victorious. With the changing world, ideals, and narratives, it’s only natural for artists to depict their state and their surroundings.

For example, climate change is a hard fact, and its implications will be obvious and inescapable — the art of this era will wrestle with a world post-humans, a world devoid of nature, a world full of artificial intelligence, and perhaps our potential doom.

Similarly, here are some art trends that we expect will take over in the incoming future.

A Collective Art World

We’re all fed up with how public our lives have become and how fame isn’t as crucial as we once thought. This weariness where we’re visible will result in millions of artists that would just want a connection and authenticity, and it could lead them to collaborate, create more collective art that isn’t focused on the self.

More Inclusive

Another trend we expect? Art beyond borders; the fluidity of art trespassing races, sexes, countries, and norms.

With how people are rising for their rights, working toward getting their share of representation with the LGBTQ, Me-too, and Black Lives Matter movement, it’s only a matter of time before we’re all awake and creating art that goes beyond the norm.

portrait from emerging artist’s gallery

Activism and Art

Activism and art go hand in hand.

Artists have a huge impact on depicting their rights, their beliefs, and what they’re against. They can create movements that are beyond ordinary because art isn’t always supposed to make sense and be meaningful. Art will change thoughts, consist of coloring outside the box, and it will not have to adhere to ideological rules.

The Painting Will Still Not Be Dead

Paul Delaroche famously exclaimed 200 years ago, “painting is dead”, and centuries from then, painting is still going strong. In the future, too, the market will be dominated by contemporary art and paintings, although the vision might change with time.

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