3 Tips for Nurturing a Young Female Artist

Like other domains, the field of art has also been discriminating against emerging female artists. According to research, women worldwide face obstacles while pursuing a career in the modern arts. Unequal pay, fewer slots at art galleries, financial issues, societal pressure, more expectations, and minimal support from guardians have made us lose many talented female artists.

But things are changing, and many female artists are determined to make their mark in a male-dominated art world. If you’re a guardian of a girl interested in the arts, here’s how you can help them.

A young female artist in a messy art room

Create an Art Room at Home

You may have often heard people saying that learning begins at home, and they’re absolutely correct. The best way to nurture a young female artist is by encouraging their art journey from home. If you’ve got a separate room, you can turn it into their studio and stock it up with paints, canvases, art supplies, and more.

However, if you don’t have a separate room, you can dedicate a corner of their room for their artwork. As your girls grow older, you can continue to buy them high-quality supplies for their endeavors. All of this will make your young girl love and respect art.

Honor and Praise Your Child’s Work

Many successful artists discuss that their parents’ motivation played a massive role in helping them succeed. Therefore, you need to honor your children’s work. This means that you can do something as simple as framing one of their art pieces and placing it in your living room.

According to research, praise is another factor that makes children perform better, and you should always praise your young girl’s art to motivate them. Your encouragement can give the world another Leily Mojdehi, Alonsa Guevara, Jingyi Wang, and Aysha Nagieva.

Take them to Art Galleries

Do you know that young children often need inspiration from other successful people in their domain to grow? This is why you should regularly take your child to art galleries. If you have any art galleries in your area, touring it with them is a wonderful idea. However, in the case of the absence of art galleries, online art exhibitions can be a huge help.

An emerging female artist creating artwork

With regular visits to art galleries for emerging artists, your girl can see how artists like Dannielle Hodson, Claire Idera, Damilola Onosowobo, and Lesego Seoketsa create art and gain inspiration from it.

At Four You Gallery, our emerging female artist gallery is a great place to start. Moreover, you can also see online exhibitions by female artists with your girl. It’s time to show the world what young girls can do!





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