3 Stunning Small Paintings That Prove Size Isn’t Everything

Do you know that the art world has a new trend that every art lover needs to follow right now? It’s small-scale paintings! Artists all over the world are trying to show more by painting less, and we’re loving this trend. Small-sized paintings have something so beautiful and intimate about them, which is why you need to check out some small-sized paintings!

Here are some small paintings that look amazing.

A small painting on a wall

Tag Um Tag Ist Guter Tag (Day by Day Good Day) by Peter Dreher

Who would have thought that a small-sized painting of a glass would get Peter Dreher international recognition? But Tag Um Tag Ist Guter Tag is proof that good things can be small, especially when they come on an 8×10 inch canvas! Peter Dreher loved creating small-sized mundane paintings revolving around inexpressive objects.

Tag Um Tag Ist Guter Tag is a classic. The simple painting, demonstrating only a glass filled with water, allows the viewers to draw any meaning from it; it leaves a lot of room for imagination for art lovers.

Secret Room by Julia Maiuri

Another 8×10 inch painting making waves around the art world is Julia Maiuri’s Secret Room. The painting has a lot of grayscale details and is as mysterious as it sounds. Showing a single bed in a room with translucent eyes in the background, this painting has the power to intrigue viewers.

Julia Maiuri has agreed that her paintings, including Secret Room, show layering. This small-sized painting shows that there’s always depth and hidden meaning to things, and that good things come in small packages!

Untitled by Adriel Visoto

Adriel Visoto has been known for bringing Hollywood to the art world. He paints different scenes from classic films on 10×10 inch canvases, and his recent painting Untitled is a representation of that. In Untitled, Adriel Visoto demonstrates the life and performance of the protagonist from the Hollywood classic, ‘Kids.’

In this painting, the main character can be seen standing in front of a door, waiting for the next scene to begin. Hollywood movie lovers have long resonated with Adriel Visoto’s representation of these films in his paintings, but it’s his power of creating magic in such a small space that sets him apart from other painters!

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