3 Art World Secrets Every Collector Should Know About

With a long list of artists, galleries, and art exhibitions to remember, you might feel overwhelmed while trying to build a magical art collection. However, once you get the hang of it, and find art pieces that speak to you, nothing can stop you from building an art collection like the one at the Met.

Here are some art world secrets every collector needs to know.

Messenger by Ji Won Cha Being an Art Collector Doesn’t Mean You Need Formal Art Education

As a collector, it’s often daunting to determine what ‘good art’ looks like. Therefore, many people are under the misconception that a person needs to have formal art education to be a decent art collector. However, this is not true!

Art is subjective; what might look good to one collector might not appeal to another. Moreover, there are no distinguishing features of ‘good art.’ Anyone who loves art can become an art collector, with or without an art degree. However, if you do want to learn some art basics before collecting art, we recommend taking an online course or making the Internet your source of knowledge.

Visiting Art Fairs is Useful; Even if the Art Pieces You Want Have Been Sold

Art fairs have hundreds of booths, with thousands of art pieces. But mostly art fair organizers pre-sell the best of the best before opening their doors to the public! The buyers are usually long-standing art collectors who have the privilege of selecting the art pieces they like before they’re displayed to anyone else. This can be a bummer to new art collectors, who don’t get a chance to purchase artwork from top artists.

However, despite knowing that top art pieces have been sold, going to art fairs isn’t fruitless! Many times, their organizers bring replacements that can be exactly what you’re looking for. Therefore, we recommend visiting art fairs whenever possible and viewing every piece to find the ideal artwork you need for your collection.

Budding Artists Deserve your Attention

Many art collectors make the mistake of sticking to famous artists while picking up paintings for their collections. But you should be open to other options too. The art world has some talented, emerging artists that create unique contemporary and fine art pieces.

Therefore, instead of always trying to get your hands on expensive paintings by popular artists, be on the lookout for art pieces by emerging artists. Trust us; they will add the much-needed ‘wow factor’ to your collection.

Arcade Mythology by Jin Won ChaLooking for New Art to Add to Your Collection? Try Our Online Gallery Exhibitions

With these secrets, you can build an art collection of amazing contemporary art pieces. At Four You Gallery, we have a vast collection from emerging female artists. You can attend our online exhibition gallery, and find artwork you’ll surely love. Moreover, you can also purchase contemporary fine art from our emerging artist platform.

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