What is Art Therapy?

a canvas with pink, blue paint

Art, a hybrid field combining art and psychology, has proven to be a powerful tool in the battle against mental illnesses, physical illness, and disability. It involves using creative techniques such as coloring, drawing, painting, and sculpting to help people express themselves safely and examine the emotional undertones present in an artwork. This results in an extremely therapeutic healing process.

When Is Art Therapy Used?

Art therapy is for all ages — children, adolescents, adults — and it enables them to explore their feelings, become more self-aware, reconcile with their internal conflicts, develop social skills, reduce anxiety and depression, manage addictions,  and promote self-expression and esteem.

Art therapy doesn’t require any artistic talents or qualities because that’s not what it is about — it helps therapists find the creative choices that impact the client’s internal self. This medium is used to reawaken memories, telling stories deciphered to reveal messages and bringing to light the beliefs buried deep inside the unconscious mind.

a contemporary art piece with red-blue strokes of paint

What to Expect from It?

The first session of art therapy consists of talking to the art therapist about why you want help. Together, you and your therapist will come up with a treatment plan that revolves around creating some form of art. Once you start with it, the therapist will observe you and your choices without any judgment or interference. You will be asked your feelings, what has been challenging and easy while creating the art, and memories surfaced in the process.

How Does Art Therapy Work?

Art therapy revolves around the belief that whatever art we create is a form of self-expression that has therapeutic value for those who are on the path of healing or trying to seek a better understanding of themselves. Art therapists are trained to understand the meaning and roles that colors, textures, and mediums play and how they can express one’s inner feelings, thoughts, or psychological standing. Usually, art therapy is used with other types of therapy for well-rounded healing.

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