Tips for Choosing Artwork for Your Home

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August 18, 2021| Aline

Decorating golden rule: Live with what you love.” —Unknown

Your home is your safe space; it’s where you’re meant to feel the most comfortable and at ease, no matter what goes on outside your front door. Decorating your home is a very personal thing, especially for art lovers or people with a liking for design and aesthetics. I couldn’t imagine anything better than looking at my perfectly decorated space and feeling like I’m looking at the artwork for the first time, every time! After all, your space reflects your personality. With that said, there are some people who like aesthetically pleasing spaces but don’t know the technicalities of choosing the most suitable piece of art for a specific space. From picking the right piece to finding and learning about artists, there are a few things to keep in mind when it’s time to decorate your space.

There are general guidelines to follow when it comes to decorating your space, like neutral couches, but one of the most important tips is making sure that the artwork you have in your home are pieces YOU actually like. “Art is a place for expression through color, content, and texture. Choose art at a heart level” – Zoë Pawlak. Sometimes when shopping for art, people are likely to “sleep on it” when they see a piece, wanting to be sure they’re making the right decision. Sometimes that can work against you because every piece of art is unique so you could possibly end up missing out on an amazing piece! Commissioning a piece of art is a great way to make sure you’ll love what you’re displaying in your home.

It’s also important to get to know the artist behind the artwork. Whether you get to meet the artist in person or not, doing your research can give you insight into the context of their work as well as their messaging, values and so on. A smart way to find and connect with new artists is attending art events featuring emerging artists, whether in the city you live or a country you’re visiting for vacation. It doesn’t hurt that buying from emerging artists won’t put a dent in your wallet (a win-win!). Another thing to keep in mind is being mindful of what room the piece of art will be displayed in. “Think about the architectural features of the room you are buying for, from ceiling height to the house’s color scheme and lighting, when choosing a work of art” – Federica Barretta, Director of Opera Gallery London.

Art is subjective, it’s a matter of taste, especially when it comes to decorating your home. But having some basic guidelines can help you make sure you’re setting the right tone for your space and allowing the artwork to induce the feeling and energy you want in there. The most important piece of advice would be to have fun an enjoy the process of finding art for your home; having it feel like a chore will only take away from the experience and make it that much more difficult to find pieces you truly love.

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