The Asian Legacy — 3 Asian Female Artists You Need to Know About

Asian countries are known for being diverse and technologically advanced yet Asians stick to their roots, but do you know what else defines Asia? Classical, contemporary, and modern art from every Asian country. All around you, the mainstream media is busy discussing art pieces by white artists, overlooking the contribution from Asian artists. But no more!

Here are some emerging female artists of Asian origin everyone needs to know about.

Incomplete Motion’by female artist So Young Kim

Jingyi Wang

Born in China and currently residing in New York, Jingyi Wang graduated from the China Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2013. Since then, this Chinese artist has created numerous creative art pieces. Many art lovers, curators, and galleries have endorsed her artwork by letting her exhibit her paintings in galleries in New York. Jingyi Wang loves spending time in her studio and has vowed to pursue arts for her entire life.

The past seven years were enough to build her reputation as one of the most popular Asian female artists in New York, but we’re sure that this isn’t the end of her journey. She has shown her art pieces in group and solo exhibitions for the last 6 years, starting with her solo show ‘The Growing’ in 2017.

She was also a proud Four You Gallery artist when we displayed her artwork in an exhibition titled ‘Natural Social Distancing’ in 2021. She has also received a lot of press coverage from The China Press, World Journal, and Studio Visit Magazines.

So Young Kim

Based in Seoul, South Korea, and Singapore, this talented female artist brings us the best of these two countries through her artwork. She started exhibiting her work in 2011, but her approach changed after the exhibition ‘Cabinet of Curiosity’ in 2018. Before that, her work was skill-driven, but she started exploring new disciplines after meeting other artists in this exhibition.

She’s currently pursuing a MA in Painting from the Royal College of Arts in the United Kingdom. Her motive is to get away from the ordered art approach and create art without disciplines.

Kristy M Chan

Born in Hong Kong and based in London, Kristy M Chan has displayed her work in multiple exhibitions across Europe, the UK, and Asia. Her work gained a lot of praise at the Monaco Art Fair 2021, where she displayed the themes of migration and displacement in her artwork. Art lovers can find her work in many art galleries and private exhibitions worldwide.

Pasted Stills No1’ by female artist So Young Kim

Four You Gallery is proud to showcase the work of these talented artists and other emerging female artists of Asian origin. Our online art galleries have many solo and joint exhibitions from Asian women artists, promoting contemporary fine art from Asia. We also sell creative art pieces from these Asian artists that would be a worthy addition to your art collection.




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