Stepping Up Your Game—How to Find Inspiration to Create New Art?

Artist’s block is every emerging artist’s worst nightmare! During an artist’s block, you have trouble thinking of new creating ideas, which is quite common and natural. Artist’s block can be stressful, and some artists require a lot of time to get out of their dry spell and be motivated to create new art. However, if you’re struggling with an artist’s block, do you know what can help? Finding inspiration from different sources in the art world!

Here are some easy ways to find inspiration to create new art.

 An emerging artist showing canvases with new painting ideas

Make Art Every Day

One of the most common ways to find inspiration to be creative is to make art every day. No, you don’t have to create masterpieces; just using some paints on a canvas or sketching a tree would be enough. The purpose of this method is to stay in touch with your artistic side and keep going. Who knows, you might land an idea for a fantastic art project when you’re doodling!

Visit Local Art Fairs

Do you know that local art fairs are one of the best places to find art from dozens of talented artists? You can find ideas that could blow your mind! In addition, local art fairs are one of the most popular spots for you to meet other art lovers.

You can also find inspiring artists in the audience and discuss creative ideas with them to get some inspiration. Local art fairs are usually held during the spring and summer, so what are you waiting for? It’s time to get out and end your artist’s block by attending a local art fair or gathering.

Make Internet Your Best Friend

The internet is filled with talented, underrated artists who regularly post their art pieces online. Platforms like Pinterest and Reddit allow you to see art work by talented artists everywhere. In addition, you can join many online communities with other like-minded artists and bounce art ideas off them. Moreover, other art lovers can help you by sharing their own experiences of dealing with artist’s blocks.

Spend Time Exploring Everything

It’s no secret that curiosity is one of the defining traits of a talented artist. Therefore, we recommend benefiting from this curiosity and exploring as much as possible. You can simply put on your joggers and explore your city for an idea you could convert into a painting. In addition, you can listen to new music or watch different movies to find a striking idea. Explore as much as you can to find much-needed inspiration.

Contemporary art exhibition titled ‘Aspiring to be Angel’ by Catherine Grossrieder

Visit Art Galleries

Another idea to get inspiration from the work of equally talented, emerging artists is to visit art galleries. At Four You Gallery, we arrange online gallery exhibitions, where we showcase the work of many talented female artists. In addition, our traveling art galleries have contemporary fine art pieces that can be the next inspiration for you!

Reach out to us or attend a contemporary fine art exhibition to get ideas for new art.



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