Some Amazing Surfaces for Acrylic Paints

Acrylic paint is one of the most popular painting materials, especially in contemporary fine arts. It’s also one of the most versatile mediums, so artists love using it to make creative art pieces. You can use acrylic paint on walls, canvases, paper, and even wood or metal surfaces. However, experts strongly recommend against using acrylic paint on the skin as it contains harmful chemicals that can damage it.

If you want to explore acrylic painting, here are some surfaces you can try.

Brushes and acrylic paints on a painting surface

Use Acrylic Paint on Canvases

Canvases are widely available in physical and online stores, and you can purchase one easily. However, you should ensure that your canvas is pre-primed and pre-stretched, or else you’ll have to do the complex procedure of priming and stretching your canvas yourself.

Canvases are usually available in either cotton or linen. As a beginner, we recommend you try cotton canvases, as they’re more affordable, flexible, and better for medium and small-scale art projects. Linen canvases are better for large-scale paintings, and they cost more.

Try Acrylic Painting on Paper

If you don’t want to spend money on canvases, you can simply practice on paper. It’s the easiest and most affordable surface for acrylic paint that’s perfect for beginners. You can use any paper, but since acrylic painting includes a lot of water, regular or fine paper can warp or tear up. Instead, you should use high-quality archival paper. Bring out your paints, brushes, and papers, and paint away! Experiment with different tones and papers to find what works for you.

Try it on Wood

Do you have wooden cabinets and doors in your house? If yes, why not use them as a surface for acrylic painting. Wood is a stable and solid painting surface, which means you can easily paint on natural or composite wood. However, if you’re painting on raw wood, you should prime it beforehand, or natural impurities in the wood can destroy your paint. If you don’t prime the wood properly, your wooden painting surface might swell or mold, ruining your painting.

A fine art painting with acrylic paints

One of the best ways to familiarize yourself with acrylic paint and the surfaces it works on is by looking at the work of emerging female artists. At Four You Gallery, we have many online gallery exhibitions where emerging artists showcase their contemporary fine art pieces with acrylic paints.

Moreover, you can also purchase these contemporary art paintings through our website to see how it looks on canvas.

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