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Through The Seasons

Ryoko Kaneta paints according to ancient Japanese philosophies, including the thought that God dwells in all beings. Her descriptive paintings are embedded in historic cultures yet exist as fleeting spectacles of nature. The artist applies acrylic paint to canvas and masterfully blends to create an image that actively develops and moves with cyclicality. Her artworks suggest a passing of time and celebrate nature’s ephemerality.

Kaneta uses the female figure to personify elements of nature. These include the phenomenon of weather and dramatic seasonal transformation, both of which are depicted dreamily in the artist’s landscapes. These sceneries, some of which Kaneta has visited, have held particular resonance for the artist. They have encouraged her ambition to accurately express the history and stories of a place. This way of working is akin to the attitudes of the Rinpa and Kano Schools, approaching painting through scenes of nature portrayed and celebrated in ancient Japanese literature.

As well as ancient Japanese cultures and philosophies, Ryoko Kaneta makes reference to contemporary anime and manga. This is most apparent in her use of personification and the innocent and wide-eyed gaze of the female subjects. Seamlessly one with the seasons, the characters project light and warmth, yet embody many a blustery emotion.

Ryoko Kaneta