Renaissance Art vs. Contemporary Art: What’s the Difference?

In the past decade, we have witnessed an evolution of art where new disciplines and forms are introduced every day. Two such popular art types are Contemporary art and Renaissance art. Art lovers and collectors already know the difference between these two, but differentiating between contemporary art and Renaissance art can be difficult for a beginner.

Here we discuss some common differences between contemporary art and Renaissance art.

History of Renaissance Art and Contemporary Art

Before comparing these two, let us tell you that this is like comparing a parent with a child as Renaissance Art led to the basic structure of contemporary art. Similarly, many artists still follow themes of Renaissance art in modern-day contemporary art. However, some differences make Renaissance and contemporary art two separate branches.

Renaissance Art

A renaissance art painting

This art form focuses entirely on human individuality. Whether painting a human or forming a sculpture, all Renaissance artists consider a human or a group of humans as an objective. Even when a human isn’t present in the frame, Renaissance art discusses things directly linked with the human life. It’s like describing a human story through colors and shapes.

Aside from having human objectives, Renaissance art uses subtle strokes and light colors to get the message across, which is completely different from contemporary art. Painters in the Renaissance era avoided making bold statements through their art. Artists then preferred keeping their art minimal. Renaissance art has also displayed natural and supernatural worlds. An example of Renaissance art is painting Goddesses and mythological creatures.

Contemporary Art

Unlike Renaissance Art, contemporary art doesn’t only focus on humans. Contemporary art takes a broader perspective of things and creates art pieces with or without humans. This characteristic of contemporary art makes it completely different from Renaissance art.

Furthermore, contemporary artists believe in creating statements and making waves through their work. The strokes are bold, and there’s nothing minimal about a contemporary art pieces. The purpose of contemporary art is to stand out and get noticed. It also focuses on a less realistic world and compels viewers to think.

A contemporary art painting

While Renaissance art was popular in the past, emerging artists prefer to make contemporary fine art pieces today. At Four You Gallery, we have a contemporary art gallery where emerging female artists can display their work. You can see amazing pieces of contemporary art in our online gallery exhibition.

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