New to Art? Try Doing These Art Styles for Beginners

Exploring a new field is always thrilling, but it can be challenging, especially if you don’t know where to start. In the art world, many beginner artists make the mistake of starting with highly-complex art styles, which pushes them to the limit, forcing them to quit in no time. So it’s essential for beginner artists to start from the basics and make their way to the top slowly.

This blog discusses some fun, easy, and simple art styles for beginners.

A modern cartoon art style painting ‘Wonderland – Everyone, Gather Around!’ by Sara Lee

Modern Cartoon Art Style

As the name suggests, this art style is all about sketching and painting cartoons. The best part about cartoon painting is that cartoons come in all shapes, sizes, and structures, and you don’t have to stick to some predefined rules on what you can and can’t paint.

The only rule you have to follow is to use square or round shapes when creating a cartoon character. Oh, and bright colors will help your modern cartoon-style painting stand out from the crowd. So what are you waiting for? Get out your reds, blues, and greens, and paint away!

Minimalist Art Style

If you have trouble adding intricate details to every art piece you create, the minimalist art style is for you! In the minimalist art style, you just paint simple objects on a canvas and leave the rest to the imagination of the audience. For instance, you can paint boxes on a simple background, and it can be your first minimalist art style masterpiece. Additionally, if you like working with a few colors and shapes, this art style will help you start a career in art.

Abstract Art Style

Another common art style that beginners need to try is abstract art. The best thing about abstract art is that there are absolutely no restrictions. This style just revolves around combining colors and ending up with a gorgeous painting. Additionally, this style allows you to express yourself by just creating a mess on the canvas, which many beginner artists prefer.

A minimalist art style painting, ‘Horizon (La Décalomanie)’ by Hannah Knox

Want Inspiration on What Art Styles to Do as Beginners? Check Four You Gallery

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