Installation shots


My Kinda Vacation

‘My Kinda Vacation’, a solo exhibition presenting the latest work of South Korean born and New York based artist, Stickymonger. Taking place in Paris from November 18th until December 5th, ‘My Kinda Vacation’ serves as a milestone for Stickymonger as it will be the first ever show featuring exclusively colorful pieces, as opposed to the artist’s preference towards black and white pieces. With this exhibition, the intention behind the artwork is creating a con- nection with the use of colors. All of the pieces in the show are inspired from what she knows and is familiar with, painting characters from her personal experience.

A self-proclaimed workaholic, the idea of taking a vacation sounds demanding because it’s something that’s unfamiliar to and uncharacteristic of her, which makes taking a vacation sound more like work than it does leisure. However, she has her own ‘kinda vacation’ to which she subscribes: zoning out. To Stickymonger, the only vacation she knows is zoning out and that is her way of disconnecting and recharging. Amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life, having moments throughout the day to reflect is her version of a vacation, making her ‘kinda vacation’ a daily routine and adaptable on the go.

Each painting featured in the exhibition is a different expression of ‘her kinda vacation’ in everyday life, whether it’s daydreaming in a ball pit, on a windy day, while gazing at the night sky or watching the snow fall from the warmth of the indoors, different strokes to different folks. A recurring component in her artwork is the presence of a character who’s seen keeping the main character company. An imagi- nary best friend, who happens to look like a creature, with whom she shares her personal and private moments; the moments during which she escapes and disconnects.