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Lonsesome Planet

LONESOME PLANET is an exhibition of new work by Korean born artist Stickymonger. Unique and distinguishable, the artist adopted her name through a recurring use of vinyl stickers. Formally trained in graphic design, Stickymonger has since moved into a fine art realm; producing paintings and sculptures that exude melancholy through a turbulent configu- ration of shape and colour.

Stickymonger came to her preferred medium of spray paint following significant and informative experimentation. The artist took a more controlled approach to painting succeeding an early exhibition of vinyl stickers dispersed and mounted upon gallery walls. Stickymonger taught herself the craft using control and acrylic paint, which she eventually found restrictive. Demonstrated here, is the artists’ liberating arrival at spray paint: a medium that invites and celebrates paint- erly freedom.
Extending this freedom to the audience, Stickymonger paints her subjects with neutrality, often using a palette of black and white. The grayscale paintings that feature in LONESOME PLANET offer a depth of tone that consequently inflicts emotion, yet not one that is dictated by the artist.

Stickymonger is informed by her direct experience of the world. Her work is autobiographical, as she intends to paint what she knows to be true. Currently, she holds a sponsored residence in an expansive studio that takes up the entirety of the 79th floor of 3 World Trade Centre in New York City. Surrounded daily by concrete walls and large windows which frame the city, Stickymonger is isolated and loneliness is the prevailing sensation. This feeling, however, is anything but paralysing. Alone with herself, Stickymonger has the space to play with colour and shape, constantly encouraged by her engagement with, and inquisition into her subject and its form.

Stickymonger exists in a liminal space of being. As a self-confessed night owl, she works nocturnally, when time fails to exist. This is reflected by the position of her artworks; they all seem to hesitate within a state of flux. Her transition between the two-dimensional and three-dimensional demonstrates this spatial shift. More is revealed about the artist as her sculptures expose the subject’s unrealised and complex magnitudes.

Ultimately, LONESOME PLANET is a delightful and ominous exhibition of revelation. Through the hypnotic and gazing eyes of her subjects, Stickymonger invites us into an ulterior realm where the surreal and melancholic overwhelms.