How to Build a Personal Art Collection—A Guide

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A personal art collection is like a personal collection of fine wines; it has great monetary value, but it also narrates a story about your taste in art and how you came to acquire the fine artworks that are part of your collection.

If you’re looking for contemporary art to add to your art collection, you can check out these artworks by emerging female artists that are currently available for sale. If you want tips on how to build your own personal art collection, keep reading.

1. Know your taste

An art collection should hold deep personal meaning. It shouldn’t just consist of random pieces that you bought on a whim or because you thought they would make good investments.

Your art collection should speak to your own personal style. If you’re not an art connoisseur but wish to learn more about art, take an art history course before starting your own collection. Find out about your own preferences when it comes to art, such as whose resonates with you the most, which techniques you admire, if there’s a certain era you love, and so on.

You can browse through the work of emerging female artists on our online art exhibitions to familiarize yourself with contemporary art.

2. Set a budget

Artwork can cost anywhere from a thousand dollars to millions of dollars. It’s important that you set a budget so that you can build a sizeable art collection that doesn’t put a dent in our bank account.

You can refer to indices like the Blouin Art Sales Index to familiarize yourself with the price ranges of various artists and creative mediums.

3. What to do after making a purchase

Once you’ve purchased an artwork, get it framed professionally and make sure you display it somewhere suitable, out of direct sunlight. Keep all the relevant documents from the purchase in case you ever need to verify your ownership of the artwork in the future.

A Room Decorated With Art

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