How Art Influences People’s Emotions

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Art and emotions are interconnected — one prominent and unifying feature in all sorts of artistic ventures is their ability to stir the emotions in on-lookers. It’s natural to experience some sort of emotion when looking at a piece of art, feeling intense joy, shivers down the spine, an awe that stays for a long time, and sometimes sadness, anger, or even disgust.

What Happens When We Look At Art

Anything that’s art (music, plays, stories) often captivate the perceivers to a great extent. Their visuals are strong enough to take people to another dimension, or at least an alternate world. Art influences the way people behave and think and often, subconsciously, affects a person’s decision-making. This happens in such a subtle manner that you may not even realize it.

Humans are biologically inclined toward visuals — 90 percent of all the information that is transmitted and processed by our brain is visual. This means, what we see, what we feel is not temporary at all, it’s etched into us forever, which is why we are reminded of things when we least expect it.

an abstract art piece featuring pink, yellow, and blue paint

Art and Emotions: A Deep Connection

Art triggers our emotions; if a visual object doesn’t stir us, it’s because we cant emotionally connect to it. People don’t go and buy things randomly; we carefully choose objects that resonate with us, that make us feel something. We pick items that stand out to us, ones that don’t fade into the background, and that’s what art does too.

Art is meant to make us feel something, and art pieces are made to connect with people’s emotions: They provoke reactions, demand feelings, and want to be remembered forever. These feelings can be ecstasy or peace, but sometimes art brings about negative emotions like despair, frustration, or intense melancholy.

Art is Meant to Be Remembered

Why do artists create art that moves us? Because that way, we’ll remember it. Visual aesthetics are supposed to stay and evoke emotions. It’s a memorable experience that doesn’t disappear years down the road. You can think back to when a painting made you feel something, and you’d clearly remember the instance and emotion you once experienced. Artwork lingers, especially when it resonates and relates to us on a deep level.

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