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Hide & Seek

Upon reflection of the recent developments in worldly happenings, Heidi Ukkonen has created an exhibition of paintings that are symbolic of the existential concerns we all seem to have faced or are currently addressing. The artist has been witness to and participated in lots of ‘soul-searching’ with hopes of a better tomorrow. Her darkly humoured artworks fuse optimism and hopelessness; a combination of attitudes that many will relate to. Through use of pastel hues and soft lines, Ukkonen’s paintings ultimately encourage a convincing “everything will be fine” perspective.

The artist exercises complete creative freedom and paints following her intuition. Although representational, her artworks are surreal and exist within the abstract. The artists approach is both visual and technical, she employs ancient and contemporary painterly materials to create works that are innovative and time defiant. The audience is confronted with multiple dichotomies, which cause conflicting shifts in the paintings tone. At once we can examine the ancient egg- tempera acrylics in contrast with the airbrush finish; and feel the corresponding pleasure and chaos that ensues.

Taking inspiration from the likes of Hieronymus Bosch, Phillip Guston and David Hockney, Heidi Ukkonen paints familiar objects of everyday form; cerebral and oddly comic. The ordinary primarily appears as something sinister, hostile. Yet the humorous tendencies of the work are redemptive, reminiscent of the home, and eventually quite heartening. The paintings in ‘Hide & Seek’ take you on the journey that they too pursue.

Heidi Ukkonen