Discovering Art—3 Fun and Unconventional Ways to Find Art and Artists You’ll Love

These days, it’s easier to find tons of interesting artwork, with social media platforms being the top method of discovering new art and artists. However, these platforms are so saturated that you have to wade through a lot to find contemporary fine art and emerging artists you love.

But, if you aren’t ready to give up on the quest of finding meaningful and relatable art, here are some unconventional and fun ways to help you along the way.

People looking at emerging artists’ artwork in a local art fair

Filter Through Pinterest

We’re assuming that you must have a Pinterest account as an art lover. However, no judgments if you don’t have one; let us start that now! Head over to Pinterest and log in or create an account.

In the search bar at the top, type keywords like art, paintings, or sculptures and pair it with another word like contemporary or fine art. Press enter and start scrolling.

Maybe your original search will be on-spot, but Pinterest always has filters to refine your search further. Once you find some paintings or pictures you like, click on the pin to find the artist and see if the rest of their artwork is as captivating as the picture you saw. If yes, congratulations, that’s another talented artist to satisfy your love for art!

Visit Local Art Fairs

Yes, everyone can find popular artists at art galleries and museums, but what about finding the less-popular art gems in your city? That’s bound to be difficult, but not if you do it our way!

If you live in a city that’s home to many art lovers, you can easily find a local art fair or art walk near your house. These usually happen in the summer and spring months, so you look for community art exhibits in your city.

Online Galleries Are Your Best Bet

Besides Pinterest, another great platform to find amazing art and artists is online galleries. Through online galleries, you can enjoy the artwork of an artist living miles away. Moreover, most of these artists have a unique working style, which many art lovers look for in new artists.

An online art exhibition titled ‘A Birthday Party,’ by Aysha Nagieva

With online art exhibition websites, you can find new art genres and learn about many underrated artists. At Four You Gallery, we have many online art exhibitions, where we display the work of many emerging artists.

Reach out to us to get more information about our best online exhibitions and find creative artwork for your collection.






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