Communication and Self Expression Through Art

a contemporary art piece with red, blue, and green rectangles

What does one do when words fail? Make art. Art has been a medium of communication and self-expression since the beginning of human history. From making stick figures in caves to modern art as we know it today, art has provided a way for humans to convey a feeling, a distant emotion that is wordless, something visceral and yet subtle.

It helps people deal with and manage their feelings, to express who they are, without the human need to communicate. Here’s how art is more complex than we imagine, and yet a key to communication and self-expression:

Art as Therapy

As we grow up, our self-expression and communication suffer as we deal with life and its altering events. We don’t know how to express our emotions; we don’t even understand them at times. This isn’t so when we’re children: you probably colored, designed, and imagined without a restraint.

With art, you regain this ability to express yourself. You may think you’re merely painting or creating something nice. Still, during the process, you can dig into your emotions and feel that feeling that’s surfacing: it’ll be a medium for self-expression, it’ll help you find your voice, will enable you to communicate without words. You get to unleash those buried feelings that are otherwise out of touch.

an abstract art piece

Communication and Mindfulness

Sometimes, we cant give words to how we feel about tough feelings of our past. But, when you paint or make art, you can communicate your negative feelings, whether sadness, regret, or anger, into your piece. It helps you grieve; it helps you express contentment, it gives you a stage where you can channel that energy you feel inside of you.

And, it promotes mindfulness; art makes you more aware of the present moment and helps quieten your stress. This releases dopamine, the feel-good hormone, in the brain, leading to a better physical and emotional impact.

It Helps You Connect

Art is all about connections: not just without your inner self but also with others. When you look at someone else’s art, you experience emotions you didn’t know you’d feel otherwise. It tells you how emotional connections exist beyond borders, languages, races.

Online Exhibitions by Female Artists

At Four Your Gallery, we believe in transposing the gender inequality that persists in the art world; we’re a contemporary art gallery that showcases the work in online exhibitions by female artists to give them a global platform that’s dedicated to them

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