Challenges Faced by Women in the World of Art

It’s no secret that the art world has always favored men by giving them more opportunities and representation. Many history books talk about numerous male artists, but we rarely hear about the great female artists that changed the world of art! However, this doesn’t mean that emerging female artists currently don’t have to face any problems. Things have improved, but they’re still far from ideal.

Here are some challenges faced by women in the world of art.

Female artist coloring a sketch

Limited Opportunities to Present in Art Galleries

Perhaps the biggest issue for female artists is the lack of opportunities. According to the National Museum of Women in the Arts, around 51 percent of artists are women, but only 5 percent of female artists get the chance to display their artwork in museums.

Representation remains one of the major challenges female artists face. There’s a staggering difference in the number of men who get to display their art images and sculptures everywhere and between women who have to find an art gallery specially allocated to women. Only one-third of gallery slots are allotted to female artists, which needs to be changed to end inequality in the art world.

Demand and Discrimination

Most art curators prefer buying paintings made by male artists for their art collection. This is why it’s important that more female art curators and collectors come forward and appreciate the work of female artists. Ending this discrimination will encourage more female artists to pursue art and get acknowledged for their work.

The Gender Pay Gap

According to the National Endowment for the Arts, women artists approximately make 81 cents for every dollar made by male artists. This happens despite the fact that women artists outnumber male artists, as around 51% of art school graduates are women. This gender pay gap discourages many women from pursuing a career in arts.

A female artist painting on pages in an art room

With these challenges, it seems almost impossible for emerging female artists to make their name in the art world. But do you know who’s helping? Four You Gallery! At Four You Gallery, we allow female artists to display their artwork in online art exhibitions and physical galleries, the first step to increasing women’s visibility in the art world.

Moreover, people can also purchase paintings of women artists through our website.

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