Beyond Brushes—Some Other Painting Methods You Need to Try

Painting is one of the most widely-used forms of art. From artists like Leonardo Da Vinci and Frida Kahlo to emerging female artists today, most artists love showcasing their thoughts on canvases through paints and brushes. While this method is both conventional and easy, isn’t art about breaking rules and boundaries?

You can use other painting methods if you’re a new artist learning to paint. Here are a few alternatives for you.

Sponges over a contemporary art painting

Blow Torches

Before we delve into other unconventional painting methods, here’s one that’s not so unusual.

You can use blow torches in acrylic pour painting or alcohol ink painting, where you have to use blowtorches as a heat source to reduce the tension between the paint layers. Moreover, blowtorches mix and blend colors and help the bubbles settle down. However, don’t use blowtorches unless you’re in a safe, supervised environment.


Sponges are another widely-popular painting tool, and the best part about them is that you can find them in your kitchen too! However, if you think that only children and amateurs use sponges in paintings, think again. Many professional artists also use sponges to create magic on canvases, and we’re here for it!

Just hop onto the internet and research sponge painting techniques to find the one you love. Unlike painting with brushes, a sponge allows you to mix paints to get better color combinations on art mediums. In addition, you can also add different textures easily.

Body Parts

Why not use your hands to create art? Many artists paint using their hands or fingers, and you can follow into their footsteps by replacing your brush with your hands. Some artists even use their feet or even toes to paint!

Emerging artist using hands to paint alongside brushes

If you want to get art inspiration, we recommend heading up to our online art exhibitions at Four You Gallery. Our online and physical art galleries have many paintings by emerging female artists that can give you some inspiration about various art mediums and tools.

Moreover, you can also purchase contemporary fine art paintings by these women artists to adorn your home with stunning art pieces!









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