Art Therapy—What are the Mental Health Benefits of Art?

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Art therapy uses art to treat psychological disorders like anxiety or depression. Creative and artistic expression is the medium many people use to express themselves when they fall short of words. Art therapy uses artistic methods like painting, drawing, or pottery to treat mental health disorders.

Simply viewing art at an art gallery can also be extremely therapeutic. You can visit our traveling contemporary fine arts gallery showcasing the work of emerging female artists. You can also attend our online art exhibitions.

Here’s what you need to know about art therapy.

How does art therapy work?

Art has been used as a way to communicate, express oneself, and create community for hundreds of years. But art therapy only gained recognition in the United States and Europe as a bona fide approach to wellness in the 20th century.

The term “art therapy” was coined by British artist Adrian Hill in 1942 when he took to painting and drawing as he recovered from tuberculosis.

Other creative forms of expression can also be used to improve one’s mental health. For example, there is also dance therapy, music therapy, and writing therapy.

Art therapy can include painting, sculpting, sketching, photography, and embroidery.

What can art therapy help with?

Art therapy can help people cope with difficult times in their life, for example, the loss of a parent or a beloved pet. It can help them channel their grief and frustration in a healthy way. Instead of bottling up their angst, they can channel their feelings and creative energy into creating something beautiful and meaningful. Many people who struggle to talk about their feelings can showcase them in an abstract way by creating cryptic or symbolic art.

It may surprise you that some of the greatest works of art in galleries worldwide have been made by artists looking for a way to channel their negative feelings. You can visit our contemporary fine arts gallery to view the work of many talented emerging female artists.

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Visit a contemporary fine arts gallery showcasing the work of emerging female artists

Viewing art is a therapeutic experience that you can enjoy on your own or with a special friend. Visit us at Four You Gallery to view our art collection featuring the work of many brilliant emerging female artists. We’re a venue-by-appointment travelling contemporary fine arts gallery. We also hold exhibitions in many countries across Europe, including the UK, France, Italy, Germany, Suisse Belgique, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands. You can also explore our online art exhibitions on our website.

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