Art and The Pandemic — Why Is Art Needed During a Crisis?

The COVID-19 pandemic is responsible for 5.96 million deaths worldwide, and the crisis impacted nearly every country in the world. Governments were forced to shut down schools, concerts, offices, tourist locations, and more. In such depressing last couple of years, all we had to hold on to was contemporary art in all its beautiful forms.

Many people term art as the medium to stay alive and witness life, but art is also a weapon during a crisis. With COVID-19 still prevalent in many countries, here’s how art can help people during the pandemic.

Bicycles standing in front of contemporary art on a wall

Art Expresses What It Means to Be Human

In times of crisis, many of us struggle to stay in touch with our raw, original human forms and emotions. For decades, humans have been visually expressive beings, using different mediums to express their emotional side. Many paintings and historical artifacts represent how people handled difficult times while being in touch with their human form. An example of this is the famous art masterpiece ‘The Starry Night’ by Vincent Van Gogh, which he painted while struggling with mental health issues.

In the same way, many people have turned to art during the COVID-19 pandemic, and they are expressing their feelings through art galleries and performing arts. In addition, many people have also picked art as a hobby to explore their feelings.

Art is Good for Mental Health

Besides impacting people’s physical health, COVID-19 also resulted in mental health problems. According to studies, making and viewing art has hundreds of benefits for mental health. These include boosting our mood, immune system, and memory.

In such trying times, we desperately need art to get more mental and emotional stability. In addition, art also reduces stress levels, allowing people to feel fresh.

Art Helps Us Understand Other People’s Issues

One less-talked-about benefit of art, especially during such situations, is that art helps us understand other people’s issues on a deeper level. Through art, artists can create pieces that show the impact of COVID-19 on communities with fewer resources.

Contemporary art representing people’s issues

With contemporary fine art being the suitable medium of people uniting and fighting the pandemic, visiting art galleries for emerging artists is a must. Therefore, Four You Gallery has many online art exhibitions for people in crisis everywhere. In addition, you can also purchase contemporary art for sale through our website. Let’s all stand together in this crisis!








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