A Day in the Life of An Art Lover

Artistic Graffiti On A Wall

For most art lovers, discussing, viewing, and thinking about art takes up a huge portion of their day. While few people have the time or resources to spend every waking day attending art exhibitions or buying expensive artwork, you can admire art and create great art even in unorthodox places, like abandoned streets.

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Here’s what might happen in a regular day in an art lover’s life.

1. Attending online art exhibitions

Attending online art exhibitions is a great way to get your art fix while staying within the comfort of your home and not spending a penny on tickets.

Many art galleries had to close their doors to the public in the immediate aftermath of the coronavirus outbreak. However, that didn’t stop passionate art lovers from attending exhibitions online.

2. Create art in the streets

Art lovers love trying their hand at art, regardless of whether they’re a naturally gifted artist.

For many art lovers, that could be drawing aesthetic graffiti on walls next to abandoned streets, or simply sitting in the park and sketching perfect strangers.

3. Taking online art history courses

It might come as a surprise to know that most art lovers have day jobs that have absolutely nothing to do with art. They might be doctors, lawyers, policemen, math teachers, or librarians. However, thanks to the internet, anyone with a love for art can educate themselves about famous painters, techniques, and paintings by taking an online art history course.

There are many courses available online that you can enroll in for free. At the end of a month or so, you’ll be far more knowledgeable on the subject of art.

Van Gogh Self-Portrait Hanging On A Wall

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