4 Contemporary Female Artists to Add to Your Art Collection

The United States was leading the global art market in 2020 with over 80% of total market value. The current worth of the international art market stands at $50.1 billion as off 2021.

Female Artist

Art allows individuals to express globally regardless of age, ethnicity, creed, and religion.  While women are struggling to find the representation they deserve, Four You Gallery provides a safe platform exclusively for women to showcase their artwork.

Since we cater to a global audience, we love to explore up-and-coming female artists from around the world.

Here are four contemporary, emerging female artists for you to add to your list.

1. Paula Scher

If you’re looking for an influential artist, Paula Scher is the answer.

Her award-winning journey commenced as a layout artist at Random House. She continued her career working as an art director for CBS Records and proved to be the first woman partner at Pentagram.

Some of her popular projects include:

2. Yayoi Kusama

If you’re a contemporary art enthusiast, Yayoi Kusama is a name you should be familiar with.

While being one of the most expensive and famous female artists today, her painting “No. 2” was sold at the staggering price of $5.1 million. She creates artwork using polka dots that make it hypnotizing to the extent that you’ll travel to another dimension.

Some of her exceptionally eye-catching work includes:

  • Infinity Nets
  • Infinity Mirror Rooms
  • Ascension of Polka Dots of the Trees

Polka dot inspired artwork

3. Annie Leibovitz

Annie Leibovitz is on the route to success for her celebrity photoshoots. She focuses on capturing authentic and extremely deep images that also sets her portraits apart from the rest. Annie has been titled “A Living Legend” by the Library of Congress of the United States.

Popular projects by Annie you should explore:

  • Meryl Streep for Rolling Stone
  • Portrait of Queen Elizabeth II

4. Jenny Saville

Ending this piece without mentioning this name would be an injustice.

Jenny Saville has become one of the few prominent female artists due to her paintings depicting naked women and their imperfections.

She wants to challenge the traditional stereotypical concept of femininity and beauty by producing bold and impressive paintings that make people stop and think.

Some exemplary projects by Jenny include:

  • Strategy
  • Matrix

These names are already gaining popularity due to their astounding work in the art industry. Visit our online exhibitions by female artists to see some of the other pieces that’ll leave you speechless!

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