The Traveling Gallery

In today’s world, everything is possible. The world is getting smaller, and the art world is becoming more global. Within this ever-changing environment, Four You Gallery aims to introduce an innovative art gallery concept. It is omnipotent; it’s everywhere but nowhere. It is a nomadic travel gallery that works on an appointment-only basis and temporary exhibitions are scheduled either in a particular location or online. The founder of the gallery had a vision of bringing art to people regardless of their nationality, current location, or career status. They want their artists to enter the global art market no matter where they come from or where they are based. From the client perspective, Four You Gallery targets regions depending on their needs. They want to provide access to both parties. Moreover, their gallery program is dedicated to high-quality female artists to balance gender inequality and help talented female artists reach global exposure.

The gallery hosted an inaugural exhibition in February of this year in Dubai of the South Korean born and New York based artist Stickymonger. A couple of months later, the gallery had a show scheduled in Paris featuring the American artist Gemma Holzer. Holzer is originally from California but is based in London and exhibits worldwide as well as online. Unfortunately, due to the global pandemic, the show had to be moved online, but proved not to be a problem for Four You Gallery. With their global client base and variable logistics, they quickly sold out Holzer’s online exhibition entitled ‘Alone Together,’ which paradoxically resonated with the pandemic mood and self-isolation.

The gallery immediately put together an online show accompanied by videos of the artworks, high-resolution pictures, interviews, and more, to imitate a live show as closely as possible. Holzer charms her audience with child-like imagery. Her painting technique is flattened to mimic the digital screen and oversaturated with color to evoke youthful memories. Holzer’s main subject matter is an autobiographical character called ‘Pink Boy,’ which walks us through her illusory realities, reflecting on questions and concerns about being a human in today’s age. In a way, Holzer constructs a utopian world to reflect on our world. In a storybook-like manner, ‘Pink Boy’ and the companion ‘Blue Boy’ carry on a relationship within the works that viewers are able to witness from a distance. Such a strong body of work is exactly what the gallery chooses to be its DNA.

To the question of gallery’s future nomadic ventures, its founder, Sarya N. Marié, replies that they are working hard on their program for the rest of the year and plan to execute live exhibitions in Asia and Europe in 2021. For further information about Four You Gallery, you can visit their website.


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