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Four You Gallery is delighted to present NEXT its first 2022 collective exhibition showcasing the works of Catherine Grossrieder, So Young Kim, Hannah Knox and Leyla Pekmen. On Display a first presentation of what is coming next.

The Next Portrait
Hannah Knox shirt paintings shift between portrait and still-life, abstraction and figuration. The garments depicted – like their physical counterpart – can retain a time and place, holding a memory within them, as a pocket contains an object. These unbodied shirts provide a space to project; a recollection, a lover, a holiday, a ‘wish-list’ item from an online shopping basket.
Paradoxical and containing a series of antonyms, they are figurative without a figure, they are folded but flat. These shirts are made of linen, but you can’t wear them, and they have buttons that you can’t undo. Varying in scale, from life-size and intimate, to God-like and majestic, they switch from generic pre-packaged shirts for disposable office workers, to giant-sized XXXXL proportions, other worldly, out of reach, speaking of status, desire and the factory line.

The Next Landscape
Nature, landscapes and life’s simple pleasures are recurring themes in Leyla Pekmen’s works. In a world where it’s hard to escape from negativity, Pekmen explores her fascination with nature and pleasureful memories as a coping mechanism. These memories painted with vibrant colors, almost surreal, create a dreamlike paradise. The artist views herself as a storyteller and sees her work as a get away from the reality of everyday life and ‘an invitation to dream’. Inspired by Ottoman miniature artists, her distinctive naive style radiates joy and tranquility and expresses the spirit of her multicultural background.

The Next Object
So Young Kim’s process is one of collecting fragments and debris from the studio (Styrofoam, severed wire, broken plastic), which she then transforms into new compositions. Beginning their existence as sculptures, Kim takes the forms onto canvas through drawing and acrylic painting to investigate them further. There is a symbiosis across her artistic practice, all acts of thinking and making feed into one another. The outcomes are rich, well-informed, and deeply stimulating.
Influences include Heidegger’s musings on the object/thing relation. This posits that an object becomes a thing when it can no longer serve its common function. Hito Steyerl’s writings on images has been a grounding focus, and Kim has found an affiliation with Steyerl’s designation of image as object: “image should no longer be seen as emblems of objects but as objects themselves.”

The Next Character
The source of Catherine Grossrieder’s creativity comes from her endless imagination and her cultural and social conditioning. The artist enjoys creating cute as well as more surreal, twisted art and hopes that viewers not only appreciate it superficially, but for what it could also communicate.