Installation shots

Video Statement



Viscous solutions that both fluctuate between hot fluids and solidified masses, ‘CHIP FAT AND TARMAC’ is the title of Bethany Hadfield’s solo exhibition with Four You Gallery. Utilising 3D modelling software, and an iwata brush, Hadfield creates artworks that explore networks of self, future, and ecologies. The later network of exploring a biology that deals with the [symbiotic] relations of living organisms to one another and to their physical surroundings, has occupied the artists thoughts recently. For example, she has been thinking about an episode of David Attenborough’s Frozen Plant II that details how human pressure albatross has led them to same sex life partners.

Further, a fascination with vascular plants has developed. The artists first encounter with a botanist came via the American mystery serial drama ‘Twin Peaks;’ the agoraphobic character Harold Smith collected orchids. This stimulated research into plants as signs, language, capital, and a system – a visual history. The purpose of taxonomy is to help us categorise organisms so science can more easily communicate biological information, including information regarding the environment, and a plant immediate habitat. Understanding vascular plant systems also provide a more general social education, and this is where Hadfield is inspired. She exclaims “they’ll out survive us anyhow, grow on our graves so we may as well appreciate them while we can.”

Dense amalgamations of her conscious thoughts, topical readings, and recent listening’s (Arca, SOPHIE, ANOHNI, Daniel Lopatin, Molly Nillson) are her voices in the studio. Bethany Hadfield’s paintings are anything but prescriptive. Her only hope is that viewers do not feel an indifference, “someone described my work as claustrophobic once, and I’m down with that”.

Aysha Nagieva